Best Android Smartwatches of 2023: Top 5 Products Most Recommended by Experts

In recent years, Android smartwatches have become a practical and fashionable product for non-Apple fans. They offer many improved features, from health monitoring to increased battery life, an excellent user interface, better connectivity and much more. Of course, some models are a step ahead of the competition, so we’ve rounded up the top five Android smartwatches from expert reviews.

If you’re turning to a heart health monitoring smartwatch now, be forewarned. Tech companies can claim their smartwatches can accurately detect abnormal heart rhythms, but a cardiologist at the University of California-San Francisco warns such claims are premature. In an article published in the journal Circulation, Dr. Gregory Marcus, a UCSF professor of medicine, said these devices need much more testing before any conclusions can be drawn about their ability to accurately and safely detect abnormal heart rhythms. However, Marcus notes that there are great benefits to wearing devices like a FitBit, but they shouldn’t be relied on to diagnose atrial fibrillation just yet.

However, wearing a smartwatch or fitness tracker for weight loss can really help you achieve your goal. A recent study from the University of Minnesota shows that these digital devices could well be worth the money for people trying to shed a few pounds. According to their research, fitness trackers help obese people shed pounds and reduce their risk of deadly diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. This is the first study to show that FitBit and other over-the-counter devices motivate at-risk individuals to achieve their exercise goals.

Surprisingly, scientists developed a smartwatch for cows. It could help future farmers to better monitor and care for their livestock. The cattle version of a Fitbit monitors the health of cattle and potentially reduces the use of drugs that could lead to antibiotic resistance. It could become commonplace in ranches of the future, improving reproduction, food safety and supply chain efficiency.

In keeping with our Farmland friends, you might consider purchasing some new technology to wear on your wrist. StudyFinds selected the top five Android smartwatches to include in this list after reviewing 10 expert websites. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.

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The List: The Best Android Smartwatches According to Experts 1. Google Pixel Watch

The Wirecutter lists it in the top 3 for users from Apple’s competition. “Android smartwatches have been around for almost a decade, but Google never developed them themselves — until now. It’s the best-feeling smartwatch not made by Apple.”

Google Pixel Watch – Android Smartwatch with Fitbit Activity Tracking

“The Google Pixel Watch is an unusually beautiful smartwatch. It looks cast rather than manufactured, with a shiny, smooth, flat surface that curves to meet an equally curved stainless steel body,” writes Tech Radar. “The construction is almost seamless. Because of this curvature, you have more glass (Gorilla Glass 5) facing you than on the Apple Watch 8.”

“The design is simple, with a footprint small enough to fit most wrists. We’ve been hearing rumors of a Pixel Watch for years. Now Google is ready to stake its claim in the wearables market. However, you should know that the Pixel Watch will not replace a Garmin or rugged sports watch for outdoor activities. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is still the better choice for this target group,” explains ZDNET.

2.Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may have eclipsed this model when it was released, Android Police loves the original design. “The Classic’s case is stainless steel instead of the aluminum found on the base Watch 4 and Watch 5, and it has a rotating bezel that makes menu selection, scrolling through notifications, and more easier. That last bit is especially valuable now that the Watch 5 and 5 Pro only offer digital bezels, not physically rotating ones.”

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm Smartwatch

According to CNET, this watch comes close to the ultimate Android experience. It costs $250.

“The rotating bezel is comfortable to use, allows for fast scrolling, and gives the wearable a sturdy look. Like its newer siblings, the Watch 4 Classic runs Wear OS, giving it access to Google Maps, the Play Store and a better selection of third-party apps than any of Samsung’s previous Tizen watches,” notes PC Magazine.

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3. FitbitSense 2

Tom’s Guide points out that the Fitbit Sense 2 is the brand’s first smartwatch to launch since Google officially acquired Fitbit, and the new owner’s expertise shines through. “The Fitbit Sense 2 is an advanced fitness tracking smartwatch that helps monitor your mood with continuous EDA readings. Design and battery life are other key highlights, although no support for third-party apps or Google programs might pause you at launch.”

“The Fitbit Sense 2 tracks your heart rate, heart rate variance (HRV), possible atrial fibrillation (AFib), blood oxygen, sleep quality, stress level, and skin temperature,” adds Android Central. “The last two in particular set the Sense 2 apart: the new cEDA (Continuous Electrodermal) sensor has all-day body response tracking to alert you when you’re overstressed, while the temperature sensor can alert you when You’ may be uncomfortable and assessing whether your body temperature is affecting your quality of sleep… The Sense 2 is ideal for exercise enthusiasts or anyone who needs to keep a close eye on their heart health.”

“Fitbit has lowered the price for this generation and removed several lifestyle apps to steer them more toward wellness to differentiate them from Google’s Pixel Watch. We don’t like the look of the new transparent display frame for the heart rhythm sensor, but the second-gen Sense offers some usability improvements over the original, including a more responsive touchscreen, a physical (vs. haptic) button, and slightly better battery life (in ours tests about five days on one charge),” says PC Magazine.

4. TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS

Android Central writes: “First, you’ll appreciate the slick design that features a new customizable backlight for the top layer of the display. Mobvoi has also introduced new software features for the TicHealth suite, which is helpful for those using these tracking features. It is also more durable than the previous model thanks to its MIL-STD-810G rating.”

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS smart watch

“The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS may not be the most notable Wear OS smartwatch out there, but it does impress where its competitors lack: battery life,” Tom’s Guide points out. “Smart design, bright display and solid fitness tracking round off this smartwatch.”

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“When it comes to performance, I’ve always looked for a product that delivers great performance. The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS is definitely a top choice. It fits in well and offers a great experience. This product comes with excellent resistance to scratches and impacts, making it much more effective,” adds Software Testing Help.

5. Fitbit Versa 3

PC Magazine rates this model for its affordability: “On the lifestyle front, it supports Amazon Alexa, app notifications, Fitbit Pay mobile payments, Deezer and Pandora music and podcast storage, and Spotify music control. It also offers all of the excellent fitness and health features that have made the Versa line one of our favorites, including guided breathing exercises and automatic exercise recognition. With a six-day battery life and an always-on color display, it’s the best Android-compatible smartwatch in the sub-$200 range.”

Fitbit Versa 3

“The Fitbit Versa 4 does a lot of things well: it has a sleek and lightweight design, it also has sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 readings, GPS, NFC and much more,” says Phone Arena. “The Versa 4 is water resistant to 50 meters (5ATM). Of course, some corners have been trimmed to allow the Versa to reach its retail price. There’s no LTE or wireless charging, and app choices are…limited.”

“Fitbit’s Versa range is, if anything, reliable. Now in its third iteration, the Fitbit Versa 3 ranks among the best smartwatches, bringing useful software improvements and design tweaks to become a formidable rival to the Apple Watch SE and a fitness tracker with obvious appeal. The Fitbit Versa 3 is an attractive mid-range smartwatch,” summarizes Tom’s Guide.

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