Best Android VPN Apps 2022

If you want to safely explore the internet on your phone, you’re probably looking for the best Android VPN. If that’s what you’re looking for, this list is for you!

The best Android VPN apps offer great protection without sacrificing browsing speed. In addition, you can access services like Netflix as if you were in another country.

If you’re still interested, read on. These are the absolute best options for you if you are using an Android phone or tablet.

Best Android VPN App – ExpressVPN

At the time of writing, ExpressVPN is the best VPN app for Android. As one of the most popular VPN apps out there, there are many reasons why this option is so popular.

ExpressVPN offers five simultaneous connections across all platforms. For that many connections, you have to pay $13 a month, $60 for six months, or $100 for a year. In addition, the service offers a free three-month trial.

The service has been running since 2009 and offers a strong VPN service on a range of platforms. At the moment, the service is one of the faster options out there, delivering just a 2% speed drop over your normal connection speed.

If you want to use ExpressVPN, you can download the Android app right here.

2nd Best Android VPN App – NordVPN

NordVPN is a fantastic second best option if you want to use a VPN on your phone or tablet. On Android, the service still offers decent features and speeds, although it’s noticeably slower than ExpressVPN.

Currently, NordVPN has a significant speed drop of 13% compared to ExpressVPN’s 2%. In most cases, this will not affect your browsing experience too much. However, if you use the service for 4K video streaming, you may notice a drop in quality.

On the other hand, you will experience more simultaneous connections. NordVPN lets you use the service with six devices at the same time to connect elsewhere. That’s an impressive amount for any VPN service!

Plus, it’s a cheaper option than ExpressVPN. NordVPN will cost you $12 per month or $60 for a year. If you want a slightly slower but significantly cheaper version, this is the obvious choice!

Get it all right here on the Google Play Store.


As expected, SurfShark is among our top 3 VPNs. On Android, this is a strong option, even if we think it’s a bit inferior to the alternatives. Despite this, it is a strong choice for any Android user.

The best thing about Surfshark is that it offers unlimited simultaneous connections. This means that you can connect as many devices as you like to different services at the same time! If you need that many, Surfshark js is for you.

However, this comes at the cost of speed. Surfshark is noticeably slower than the last two versions with a 19% speed drop compared to your average network speed. This can make video streaming or gaming a little worse, but not that bad.

Surfshark monthly subscription costs $13. However, you can purchase your first-year subscription for as little as $48. After that, that subscription price is $60, so it’s still affordable.

You can download the application right here!

Best Free Android VPN App – Proton VPN

If you are looking for a free VPN app, ProtonVPN is by far the best option. As a free VPN, this app has everything you need for an amazing free experience.

You get fast unlimited data compared to other free VPNs. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of data despite using a free service.

Additionally, the app has features typically reserved for premium VPNs. These include a reliable kill switch and more, making your browsing even safer.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, only a few locations are available to connect to. Reliable connections include the United Kingdom, United States, and Japan, allowing you to connect to three different locations.

If you want to connect with ProtonVPN, get the app right here.

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In summary, there are many options if you want access to a VPN on your phone or tablet. Hopefully we have given you enough information to make a good choice.

If you want a free VPN, ProtonVPN is the obvious choice. However, if you want the absolute best experience, ExpressVPN is the way to go. Nevertheless, there are cheaper alternatives.

Tell us what your favorite VPN is in the comments below. We’re always happy to hear your thoughts.