Best Apple Deals of the Week: Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 gets a massive $250 discount, along with the best AirPods prices of the year

We’ve seen plenty of great deals on Apple products and related accessories this week, including Samsung’s iMac-like Smart Monitor M8 for $250 off, a 30 percent off spring sale at Anker, and the year’s best prices for a variety of AirPods -models. All of these offers are still available for purchase right now, so we’re summarizing them and more below.

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What is the problem? $250 Off Samsung M8 Smart Monitor And More At Discover Samsung Event. where can i get it Samsung Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

Samsung kicked off the new spring season this week with its Discover Samsung event, which will last until March 26th. Many products will be on sale during this event, but the highlight for Mac users is the $449.99 Smart Monitor M8 in Warm White, less than $699.99. That’s the best price we’ve seen for the iMac-like monitor since last holiday season.

For a quick recap of the sale, see our posts dedicated to monitors and storage, as well as one focused on 4K and 8K TVs.


What is the problem? 30% discount on Anker accessories Where can I get it? Anchor Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

Later in the week, Anker launched its own spring sale, still offering customers 30 percent off a wide range of chargers, cables, MagSafe-compatible accessories, and more. We’ve listed some of the best devices below, but be sure to read and check out our larger article on sales for the best deals before the sale ends on March 31st.

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What is the problem? Get up to $50 off AirPods Pro 2, AirPods 3 and AirPods 2. Where can I get it? Verizon Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

In the middle of the week, Verizon opened one of the first big sales of the year for almost all AirPods models. You can get the AirPods Pro 2 for $199.99 ($50 off), the AirPods 3 with Lightning Charging Case for $149.99 and AirPods 3 with MagSafe Charging Case for $159.00 (both $20 off) and the AirPods Get 2 for $89.99 ($39 off). Overall, these are the best prices of 2023 so far for each model.


What is the problem? $50 Off iPad 2022. Where Can I Get It? Amazon Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

At Amazon this week, we saw the return of record low prices across the entire 2022 iPad lineup. You can get both Wi-Fi and cellular models for $50 off, starting at $399.00 for the 64GB WiFi device. There is a sale for every configuration, although sometimes not for every color.


What is the problem? Get up to $9 off AirTag. where can i get it Amazon Where can I find the original offer? Exactly here

We also followed one of the first discounts of the year on the AirTag this week, with the 4-pack going from $99.00 to $89.99. The custom AirTag is also now reduced to $27.00, down from $29.00. Neither of these are all-time low prices, but with deals on the AirTag being rare for months, they’re decent second-best options for shoppers this week.

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If you’re looking for more discounts, be sure to visit our Apple Deals roundup, where we round up the best Apple-related bargains from the past week.