Best apps to create wallpapers from iPhone

Personalize your iPhone with these amazing wallpaper apps Best apps to customize your iPhone wallpapers

Tired of always using the same wallpaper on your iPhone? Would you like to have a selection of fresh images that are automatically updated on your home screen? Look no further! In this article, we will show you some of the best applications to generate automatic wallpapers on your iPhone.

The wallpaper generator apps allow you to customize your viewing experience among a variety of amazing images. And whatever your tastes or preferences, these tools offer you a choice of high-quality and varied wallpapers such as natural landscapes, abstract designs or artistic photographs.

In addition, they offer the possibility to set time intervals for the automatic change of your background images. So you always have a new image on your home screen without having to worry about a manual change.

Personalize your home screen with these wallpaper applications for iPhone Wallcraft – Wallpapers Animated Wallpapers Wallpapers – MyScreen Patternator Wallpapers Live Wallpapers Parchment Wallpapers Wallpapers For Me DeFocus

Below is our selection of apps to help you create unique and fun wallpapers to spice up your iPhone.

Wallcraft – wallpaper

Discover the Wallcraft universe: amazing wallpapers to personalize your screen

Are you looking for an application for high quality wallpapers for iPhone? Wall Crafts It is an excellent choice for you. The app offers a wide range of wallpapers that adapt perfectly to the size, angle and resolution of your iPhone.

In addition, there are professional artists in the design field who update the platform with new wallpapers every day, so you always have exclusive and new wallpapers to choose from (3D, dark, minimalist, Christmas and many more).

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Its interface is very intuitive and makes searching for wallpapers easy and fast.

Animated wallpapers

Turn your screen into a work of art with live wallpapers

Are you looking for a way to personalize your iPhone? Then try the Animated Wallpapers app available on the App Store. It has free daily updates that include more than 7 new animations every week in charge of giving life to your lock screen.

In addition, thanks to the Live Photo Maker function, you can turn your videos into moving wallpapers. Not only that, you can also share your favorite wallpapers with friends and family**. You can activate some of them by sliding your finger on your mobile screen.

Background Images – MyScreen

Make your screen shine with MyScreen – the ultimate wallpaper app

MyScreen is another of the best applications to automatically generate wallpapers from iPhone. And like other similar apps, it offers a catalog full of wallpapers, themes, icons, and widgets so you can create the perfect display that reflects your personality.

The platform not only hosts a large number of funds, but also adds depth effects to its content and a function for creating animated backgrounds from your own photos and videos.

Among the most popular themes on this platform we can mention the following: urban, animals, sports, neon, space, culture and more.

Patternator backgrounds

Create unique patterns for your screen with Patternator Wallpapers

Are you looking for unique patterns to personalize your mobile screen? With Patternator you can turn your photos into custom patterns, you can even create animated patterns and easily crop your photos with the magic of AI.

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Its innovative system offers presets and smart settings to change the size of the pattern, change spacing, rotation and more.

And not only that, because you can also add funny emojis to your wallpapers and share them on your social networks. Although the free version offers various wallpapers, the premium version gives you full access to its exclusive features, including the ability to save your patterns in High Definition (HD) for improved image quality, save your patterns as a Live Photo, to use them animated to remove background images and watermarks.

live wallpapers

Bring your screen to life with live wallpapers: amazing animations to personalize your phone

Live Wallpapers is another good alternative for iPhone to get different wallpapers. Its database contains a wide range of fabulous animated and unique backgrounds for iPhone 6s and later models and has new animations weekly so you can always enjoy something new.

In addition, it includes Live Wallpaper Maker, a special tool that allows you to turn your own videos into animated wallpapers. Its interface is intuitive and allows you to save your favorite content to use at the right time.

parchment wallpaper

Beautify your screen with Vellum Wallpapers – handpicked wallpapers

Vellum Wallpapers is another of the best wallpaper apps for iPhone. It is optimal and functional especially when you want to find beautiful and high quality wallpapers for your phone.

The platform contains hundreds of perfect and collectible images, new packs and wallpapers every day. In addition, the system adds a blur tool to create blurred backgrounds and a careful classification of thousands of images that guarantees a wide variety of options.

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We had already talked about it, and that’s why we couldn’t stop mentioning it in this top app. It doesn’t charge anything at all, you can either remove advertising for 3.99 euros completely free of charge.

wallpapers for me

Wallpapers for Me: Let your screen reflect your personal style

Wallpapers for Me is another good option to customize your mobile device’s home screen and lock screen. It contains high-quality images in 12 categories including Abstract, Nature, Cities, and Sports.

It has themes that give your screen a renewed and harmonious look under a comfortable and organized interface. The best part is that the system is in charge of constantly updating the content and adapting to the different seasons, which guarantees varied wallpapers for iOS.

DeFocus: Photos of brown hair

Blur the background and focus on what matters most with DeFocus – the minimalist wallpaper app

If you’re tired of looking for boring wallpapers, then take a look at everything Defocus has to offer. It’s an iOS app that allows you to create unique and personalized wallpapers in seconds.

It uses a powerful blur filter that allows you to give an impressive and creative look to any image. Its user interface is simple. Just select an image from your library and adjust the blur with a slider and you’re done.

The best thing is that you can save your creations in the photo library and use them as wallpaper at any time.