Best Apps To Find Parking

Looks like parking spot Driving a car is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish behind the wheel. walk around Resorts for all types of cables Summoning luck and the expected page appears rarely works. In the end is the best solution park the carHowever, their locations are not always known.

This parking problem is because circulation density direct impact of big cities About vacanciesSo for example and according to the study of Web parking meterOn average it takes around Madrid 40 minutes when looking for a parking space in the most central neighborhood. there is the average 95 hours lost in a year Looking for a parking space.

to help with the task find a place of parking, technology has gotten lately great colleagueThanks to mobile apps It’s very easy. Use of geolocation As a tool, they offer users a Large choice of parking spaces Both in authorized parking lots and on the street.

The best parking apps

with the help of application Go here for smartphone drivers save time and money When looking for and reserving a parking space:

parking meter // iOS and Android.

one of the applications top rated Reserve parking spaces throughout the Spanish region and other major cities in the world. Its most outstanding properties are:

  • It offers up to 70% discount and does not charge any management fees
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the reservation
  • It offers three types of parking: protected, low-cost and at airports.

rear park // iOS and Android.

is application More than three million users and parking lots in Spain and Portugal. Its characteristics include:

  • Up to 40% discount in car parks
  • Possibility of pre-booking from one day to one month
  • No tickets are required in the car parks.
  • Payment of free space on the street (parking meter) by application
  • Possibility to pay fines for longer periods from the app
  • Locator of charging points for electric vehicles
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parclick // iOS and Android.

developer of application it is defined Wikipedia Parking spaces and offers at over 70 million locations in 89 countries.

  • application Allows you to track the driver’s position or search for a destination and choose from the offers available on the map
  • Identifies hundreds of offers for cars, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles throughout the day
  • Contains additional information about car parks, e.g. B. Surveillance
  • Allows reservation of seats in advance

easy park // iOS and Android.

This application provides a way simple and easy Its database contains information on car parks in 2,200 cities, including 50 locations in Spain. The main aspects it offers are:

  • allows payment through application parking lot or parking meter
  • Possibility to easily extend the parking time
  • Automatic notifications to control timing and avoid fines
  • It offers the possibility to stop the parking time. Only available in certain cities
  • Joint company account with private or business payment segregation

parkopedia // iOS and Android.

offers more than 70 million seats Spread over 89 countries. Besides, it’s a application Companion where users can locate and report free parking spaces on the street. Characterized by:

  • Provides information on charging points for electrified vehicles
  • It has advanced search filters: free street parking, covered parking, card payment, etc.
  • Price breakdown by minutes, hours and days
  • Reports the shortest route to the selected parking space