Best Compass Apps for iPhone in 2023: Best iPhone Compass Apps

If you simply need to navigate or go on an outdoor trip, your iDevice can serve as an ideal compass. There are other compass applications for more experienced users that have some fascinating features to meet the needs of the experienced navigator or outdoor enthusiast. Check out our picks of the best compass apps for your iPhone if you’re looking for a decent compass app.

Just hold your iPhone flat like a real compass to use this smart and accurate digital compass. The earth’s magnetic field is read by your device. It’s designed for all those challenging circumstances so you don’t get lost. If you are traveling or lost, use GPS compass map to find your route. High quality displays are compatible with the most accurate compass app. It can be used for most of your outdoor activities including travel, picnics, camping, hiking and boating. Below we have mentioned some of the best compass apps for iPhone.

Here is the list of the best compass apps for iPhone

Commander Compass Go

This compass app could be helpful for you if you often participate in offroad activities like tracking. The functions of this app are so flexible that they can be adapted to any circumstance that requires navigation. By using the maps, gyroscope, GPS receiver and many other features of this app, you can navigate with utmost accuracy. One of the best compass apps for iPhone is Commander Compass Go, which can be downloaded from the App Store. Overall, this is one of the best compass apps for iPhone to suggest to your friends.

Smart compass

If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-use compass, look no further. It shares a number of characteristics with other compasses on this list, some more powerful than others. It achieves this by turning your iPhone into an accurate compass, which is the primary purpose of an electronic compass. In addition, you have the option to view the exact bearings to the location you are aiming at. You can also read more information on the official website. Currently this is one of the best compass apps for iPhone.

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Altimeter GPS

An altimeter, compass, barometer, pedometer, speedometer, and flashlight are included in the Altimeter GPS app. This gives you real-time information about your current altitude, altitude, barometric pressure, speed, direction and position. In addition, it offers weather updates for two weeks, as well as details on the current temperature, humidity, sunrise and sunset times and wind speed.

Best of all, the software allows users to send SOS signals and real-time coordinates in case of emergency. Maps, both hybrid and satellite, make it easy to find your position. Use RADAR, augmented reality and map directions to return to your saved location. This is the most popular compass app for iPhone that you can consider.

Compass & Altimeter

Compass & Altimeter is a comprehensive tool for locating a location. You can get altitude, longitude, latitude, weather, temperature and water boiling point of your current location. Other geospatial information is also available, including magnetic field data, wind direction data, and the like. Overall, this is one of the best compass apps for iPhone to suggest to your friends.

It can be used to save your location and get accurate directions. In addition to the reliable compass, the GPS real-time speedometer is convincing. It provides accurate GPS speed estimates. I also enjoyed the customizable compass theme feature.

Compass 360 Pro

The design of this app is really professional and you can choose the compass theme format from one of three choices according to your preference. The strength of the magnetic field is shown in the center of the compass. If you want to keep the exact details of a location’s orientation, you can even lock the direction.

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Only these minimal functions are available from this compass. Users looking for nothing more than a basic compass experience should without a doubt check it out. We believe it is only suitable for those with basic compass experience. At the moment this is the best compass app for iPhone.

Talking compass

This compass actually says the direction it is pointing in a loud voice. That’s how “talking compass” was named. Also, it completely fills the screen with bold letters showing the cardinal direction. It gives a completely different experience compared to other compasses, many of which do not have this voice feature. It’s pretty easy to use and doesn’t require any authorization to work. Overall, this is one of the best compass apps for iPhone.

You also have the option of listening to directions with an American or British accent. This compass only outputs integer values; it does not produce decimal values. As far as we can tell, it just rounds the decimal values ​​to the nearest integer range. While we believe that in the real world we seldom require directions to be in decimal numbers, no doubt this can result in reduced accuracy.


Advanced users such as military, experienced navigators and search and rescue personnel should use this expensive navigation equipment. You can quickly determine where you are and then go to a waypoint. Due to the GPS-based nature of this program and its fast location detection, you don’t need a cell phone signal to use it. Overall, this is one of the best compass apps for iPhone to suggest to your friends.

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Features included in our app test include a global transverse Mercator, latitude and longitude lines, the Ordnance Survey national grid, military date and time, custom navigation screens, the ability to set an endless number of waypoints, and much more. In addition, the creators of the app are always considering new ways to improve it and add fun new features.


Gyrocompass is one of the best compasses you can have on your smartphone as it works just like a real compass. With a gyro compass, you can quickly find magnetic north, true north, and compass bearing.

This amazing compass app is completely free and doesn’t bother users with unnecessary ads. It has GPS and an improved compass mode supported by an online map. The superior technology of the gyro compass makes it easy to find GPS locations. Currently this is one of the best compass apps for iPhone.

last words

A popular piece of trekking gear is a compass. These tools help us determine our travel direction. If you get lost in the forest, they will help you navigate trails and get out of the area. However, even a high-quality compass does not always provide an accurate bearing. I like having a fallback strategy in these circumstances.