Best Jobs Australia: Traffic controller, 21, stuns the internet with TikTok video revealing exactly what she’s making in a week

A young woman has revealed details of how much money she makes per week as a traffic controller.

Queensland’s Paris Taylor shared a TikTok video showing a daily breakdown of her pre-tax earnings.

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The 21-year-old employee claimed she made a whopping $3,400 in a single week after working 47.5 hours at a construction site for five days.

“What I earn a week as a traffic controller,” she said.

Paris Taylor has shared how much she makes per week as a traffic controller. Credit: Paris Taylor

For a 9.5-hour shift on Monday, she earned $680.

She worked 8.5-hour shifts Tuesday and Friday — which earned her $1,160 ($580 a day).

Wednesday and Thursday were her longest shifts, she worked 10.5 hours, so she earned $1560 ($780 per day).

Paris pointed out that her job pays her at a daily rate instead of hourly.

She claimed that her high wages were due to a company agreement (EBA) between her employer and the union.

EBA is a company-level bargaining agreement between employers, workers and their union that sets out terms of employment, including wages and working conditions.

“Normal (construction) jobs only pay half,” Paris claimed.

The weekly earnings of Paris

Monday: 9.5 hours – $680

Tuesday: 8.5 hours – $580

Wednesday: 10.5 hours – $780

Thursday: 10.5 hours – $780

Friday: 8.5 hours – $580

Total: $3,400

Despite her staggering weekly earnings, Paris claimed she was being taxed on more than $1000.

The 21-year-old claimed she made $3,400 working 47.5 hours at a construction site for five days. Credit: Paris Taylor

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She said the course only lasted one day and she “got a job easily.”

“My location needs traffic controllers every day, so right now I’m going to work every day,” Paris said.

However, she admitted her job didn’t always coincide with shifts.

“In the wrong job”

Her video has been viewed more than 1.9 million times, with many stunned by their weekly wages.

“I have the wrong job,” joked one woman.

Another suggested, “I definitely need a career change.”

One added: “Damn… I’m an electrician and girl did I make a mistake. I’m in the wrong business.”

However, a former traffic controller warned: “They’ve been doing that on EBA sites for a couple of years. Good money, but frankly nobody should be striving for it.”

Another said: “Yes great pay but the work looks incredibly tiring.”

Maria Kefalas revealed what it’s really like to work as a traffic controller. Credit: Maria Kefalas/TikTok

In late 2021, Melbourne native Maria Kefalas revealed the grim reality of working as a traffic controller after many took to social media to boast about making more than $3000 a week.

The then 21-year-old shared a TikTok video listing the downsides of traffic control at construction sites – including being out in the rain during her shifts and being out of work for up to four weeks.

“Inconsistent Work”

She admitted she applied for the job after falling “in love” with all the promising TikTok videos of young women — including high school dropouts — gushing about their enviable paychecks.

“I’ve seen a lot of TikTok (videos) related to traffic control and they’re all positive, they’re all good. They tell you how much money they make and how many hours they work and what they don’t,” Maria said in the video.

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“What they don’t tell you is … you can have a whole month without a job and then a whole month without a job.

“Traffic control has to be the most contradictory job I’ve ever done in my life.”

“Please investigate”

Maria admitted she signed up for the job believing she would “get so rich” after watching all the TikTok videos.

But it was far from what she expected.

Speaking up, she warned, “Please don’t fall for these traffic control TikToks.”

“Honestly, if you want to do it and you’re okay with inconsistencies, do it,” she said.

“But if you want something consistent and think you’re going to work Monday through Friday and make over $2000 a week – no.

“So if you’re thinking of doing traffic control, do your best and do your research.”

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