Best Logistics Group Reports Safety Success Metrics with Netradyne

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE). Results since the launch of Netradyne’s AI-based Driver•i security camera platform.

Kernersville, NC-based Best Logistics Group chose Netradyne’s Driver•i for their fleet of 400 trucks because of the solution’s proactive nature: real-time alerts, actionable data to improve safety, and transparency for drivers. Audible in-cab alerts, including driver fatigue and distraction, allow drivers to self-coach and make real-time corrections, resulting in fewer incidents. Adam Beaver, director of safety and training programs at Best Logistics, said: “When we turned on the audible alerts, we saw a general decrease in events. The impact has been enormous.”

Driver•i’s industry-leading GreenZone driver rating and associated DriverStar points highlight good driving and help Best Logistics managers meaningfully engage with drivers in a way that empowers, motivates and engages them. “I knew we had good drivers, but pulling those positive moments into a separate category and being able to show our drivers that data is the most important thing I use for successful driver coaching,” said Beaver, “it does the coaching easier. Our riders keep trying to improve and have taken it well. It’s about empowering them to be better drivers, which aligns with our corporate goals.”

Another advantage that Best Logistics has recognized from the camera system and the clear HD video quality is the ability to effectively defend its drivers. Beaver shared: “In a recent hit-and-run accident, our driver called me as soon as it happened and I was able to show the driver video of the incident. I froze the video and identified the culprit’s license plate number and sent it to our driver to present to the police officer at the scene. That was a hit. Now we can defend our drivers with great success.”

“Best Logistics Group is known for its award-winning service that focuses on treating our customers and employees with respect, trust, fairness and loyalty,” said Heather Engen, VP of Customer Success at Netradyne. “We are proud to partner with Best Logistics Group to provide technology that increases the safety and security of their drivers and assets and helps them comply with their corporate code of conduct.”

About Netradyne, Inc.:

Netradyne is an industry-leading fleet security solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and edge computing, revolutionizing the modern transportation ecosystem. Harnessing the power of video and positive coaching, Netradyne’s Driver•i safety solutions empower drivers and fleets to be safer, more cost-effective, more productive and more profitable. Netradyne’s AI technology collects and analyzes more data points and actionable information than any other fleet safety organization, improving driver engagement, increasing profitability, enhancing safety and enabling end-to-end visibility. Setting new standards in commercial vehicle driving, companies and industries rely on Netradyne to build a positive, safe and driver-centric culture.

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