Best New State Mobile sensitivity settings for more kills

New State Mobile was released in November 2021 and the game was launched as a futuristic twist on PUBG Mobile. Although it immediately garnered a dedicated fanbase, New State Mobile experienced a steep surge in player numbers after popular BR games like BGMI and Free Fire were banned in India.

With thousands of new players joining every day, gaming lobbies have become much more competitive. Players who want a tactical advantage should change their sensitivity settings to get more kills and maintain a better F/D ratio.

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How to adjust the various sensitivity settings in New State Mobile to get more finishes in each game

Various types of sensitivity settings are available in the BR title. While the low, medium, and high sensitivity settings are also accessible to all, custom sensitivity settings can help a user find the best options for their playstyle and device. Here’s a look at some custom sensitivity ranges in game.

1) Free perspective sensitivity

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Free Perspective Sensitivity Settings help gamers control the eye button in game. Players can change these sensitivity settings until they find their ideal sensitivity.

TPP Camera:

  • General: 180-200%
  • Driver: 180-200%

FPP Camera:

  • General: 180-200%
  • Driver: 180-200%

2) Camera and scope sensitivity

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Camera and scope sensitivity settings appear at the top of the in-game sensitivity settings list. These sensitivity settings help users control reticle placement and weapon recoil.

Camera and oscilloscope sensitivity settings also help gamers adjust their viewing speed. Unlike other titles, New State Mobile works in both scope-in ​​and scope-out modes.

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Here are the ideal camera and scope sensitivity settings for players to use in Classic, TDM, and Custom games:

  • TPP Camera: 200-240%
  • FPP Camera: 200-240%
  • TPP shoulder cam: 180-210%
  • FPP shoulder cam: 180-210%
  • Iron sights: ADS-100-160%
  • Fire: 100-160%
  • Red Dot: ADS-100-165%
  • Fire: 100-165%
  • 2x scope: ADS-60-100%
  • Fire: 60-100%
  • 3x scope: ADS-70-85%
  • Fire: 70-85%
  • 4x scope: ADS-60-72%
  • Fire: 60-72%
  • 6x scope: ADS-70-85%
  • Fire: 70-85%
  • 8x scope: ADS-17-40%
  • Fire: 17-40%
  • 10x scope: ADS-15-35%
  • Fire: 15-35%

3) Gyroscope sensitivity

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Every smartphone these days has a built-in gyroscope. In New State Mobile, this sensor helps players shift their aim from one specific target to another simply by tilting their phone in the desired direction.

Here’s a look at how New State Mobile users can tweak the gyroscope’s sensitivity settings:

  • TPP Camera: 200-220%
  • FPP Camera: 200-220%
  • TPP shoulder cam: 160-195%
  • FPP shoulder cam: 160-195%
  • Iron sights: ADS-100-180%
  • Fire: 100-180%
  • Red dot: ADS-100-180%
  • Fire: 100-180%
  • 2x scope: ADS-150-230%
  • Fire: 150-230%
  • 3x scope: ADS-30-60%
  • Fire: 25-65%
  • 4x scope: ADS-125-150%
  • Fire: 125-150%
  • 6x scope: ADS-20-45%
  • Fire: 25-45%
  • 8x scope: ADS-10-27%
  • Fire: 10-27%
  • 10x scope: ADS-8-22%
  • Fire: 8-22%

New State Mobile players should keep both ADS and Fire Sensitivity settings the same for better aim and recoil control.

Players should try the above sensitivity ranges on the in-game training ground first. This will help them become familiar with the touch response for their particular device. You can then easily adjust the settings or start playing ranked games in New State Mobile.

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