Best Places to Live in Colorado Springs

Best Places to Live in Colorado Springs: Located at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is a beautiful city that oozes small-town charm. From incredible views to a variety of fascinating attractions, the city has a lot to offer.

It also offers a wealth of outdoor recreational activities. From hiking Pikes Peak to picnics in Memorial Park to a hot air balloon ride, there’s something for everyone.

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The city is home to the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, Colorado College and the US Olympic & Paralympic Training Center.

It also features Old Colorado City, a national historic district near downtown, with many cafes, restaurants, and bars with live music.

With its vibrant entertainment scene, quality educational opportunities, affordable housing options and a robust job market, Colorado Springs is a great place to call home.

Each neighborhood in the city exudes its own vibe and offers its own unique offerings.

Wondering what would be the perfect place for you to settle down?

Let us help you narrow down your choices with our list of the best places to live in Colorado Springs: – Black Forest #1

If you are looking for a lot of freedom and still want to enjoy the amenities of the city, the Black Forest is the place for you.

This neighborhood is a gated community near the Pineries Open Space and offers a variety of outdoor recreation activities including hiking, horseback riding, running, biking and more.

It offers easy access to numerous park areas such as Fox Run Regional Park and Black Forest Regional Park.

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There are several restaurants, cinemas and shops nearby.

Couple that with numerous good schools. Here you will also find many spacious houses with about one to five hectares of land.

No wonder house prices average over a million. But if that’s not a problem, this charming neighborhood won’t disappoint.

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Pleasant Valley #2

Looking for some old world charm?

Pleasant Valley could be the perfect choice.

Located near Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, it features many homes built in the 1950’s and 60’s.

With Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods, the area offers breathtaking views and a variety of outdoor activities.

Moving with the family?

There are many excellent schools here. Many of the homes here are ranch style.

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Here you will find affordable housing options with an average house price of around $410,000. With so much to offer, it’s one of the best places to live in Colorado Springs.

Briargate No. 3

Just an hour from Denver, this neighborhood offers easy access to big city amenities and attracts young professionals and families alike.

There are many restaurants, impressive boutiques and chain stores in the area.

Do you love an active lifestyle?

There are many parks and spacious green areas here. One of the most notable is the John Venezia Community Park, which features soccer fields, a hockey rink, pickleball courts, and an inclusive playground, among other things.

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There are many highly rated schools here. The average home price here is around $500,000. Considering what’s on offer, it’s worth the money.

Broadmoor #4

One of the most affluent neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, Broadmoor offers scenic mountain views.

Its manicured lawns, tree-lined streets, and numerous stately historic mansions all add to its intriguing charm. Most houses here are so spacious that you can even have a barn.

Beer Creek Regional Park and Cheyenne Mountain State Park offer numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Do you love pampering yourself?

It is also home to the Broadmoor Hotel & Resort which offers swimming pools, a golf course, spa, fitness centre, restaurants and many other amenities.

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Couple that with several excellent schools. Buying a home here is expensive, with house prices averaging around $750,000.

Rockrimmon #5

Located in the northwest of the city and only 13 km from downtown, this neighborhood attracts many families to settle there.

You will mainly find houses built in the 70’s and 80’s, many of which feature fascinating architecture.

If you love the outdoors, the area offers easy access to numerous nearby wildlife parks and is home to the Pikes Peak Athletic Training Center where you can learn to swim from excellent coaches.

There are also several cafes and bars here.

what’s more

The area falls under the highly rated Academy School District 20.

Do you like keeping horses?

This is not a problem with the spacious houses here. The average home price here is around $510,000, but the deals make it worth every penny.

North Gate #6

Located on the northern edge of town, Northgate offers stunning views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range Mountains.

The area offers numerous leisure activities. From shopping at Northgate Plaza and Chapel Hill Mall, to golfing at The Club at Flying Horse, to dining at one of the many restaurants and breweries, there is something for everyone.

Proximity to the United States Air Force Academy attracts many military families to settle here.

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It is only 15 minutes from downtown and is home to many excellent schools. Taking advantage of all of these offerings doesn’t come cheap as the average home price is around $585,000.

Peregrine Falcon #7

Located in the northwest corner of the city, Peregrine exudes a suburban vibe. If you are a nature lover, you will love the peaceful mountain environment.

One of the area’s most notable offerings is its sweeping night-time views of the city, making late-night rides so enjoyable.

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Want to enjoy the city’s lively entertainment scene?

It offers easy access to downtown. The Air Force Academy is also nearby.

what’s more

There’s no shortage of outdoor recreation to enjoy here, with easy access to natural attractions like the Garden of the Gods, Blodgett Peak Open Space and Woodmen Valley Park.

Couple that with numerous excellent schools. Home prices are higher than many other parts of the city, with a median home price of about $879,000.

Old Colorado Town #8

Do you love being in the middle of the action?

Old Colorado City, just west of downtown, might be the place for you.

The area was formerly the capital of the Colorado Territory and has a rich history.

Downtown you’ll find many historic buildings that are now home to restaurants, art galleries, and shops.

what’s more

It is a very walkable area that hosts various events throughout the year that unite the community. Here you can find relatively affordable housing options with an average house price of around $399,000.

So pick the one that ticks all the boxes on your checklist and get ready to move into your new home.

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FAQs:- Q. Is Colorado Springs a good city to live in?

With ample outdoor recreation opportunities, stunning views, a robust job market and impressive local schools, Colorado Springs is a great city to live in.

Q. What is the most affluent area of ​​Colorado Springs?

Broadmoor is considered one of the most affluent areas in Colorado Springs.

Q. Is Colorado Springs one of the best places to live?

Colorado Springs was ranked #2 in US News & World Report’s annual list of Best Places to Live in the United States.

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