Best Pokemon to counter the peerless Pikachu Tera Raid event in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

It’s time once again to test your skills in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raids with the next seven-star in-game event – this time featuring an unrivaled Pikachu.

You’ll need to coordinate with your teammates, whether playing online as a group or with random trainers, to challenge the most powerful Pikachu to ever grace the Paldea region. That means you’ll need to bring a nice mix of attackers and supports to complete the challenge quickly and get all those sweet raid rewards.

Unfortunately, players still have to deal with some performance issues and bugs that plague Tera Raids as the next major patch hasn’t been released yet. But if you’re planning on tackling this Pokemon’s shining star in a raid, here’s how you can do it.

How to beat the matchless Pikachu Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Just like most other high-level Tera raids, the Unrivaled Pikachu raid features a boss Pokemon that’s maxed out at level 100 and gets some extra boosts thanks to the raid mechanics.

To give you and your teammates the best chance of winning, you’ll want to make sure all Pokemon you bring to the Tera Raid are level 100, as bringing in low-level Pokemon can cause you to die early and often get knocked out.

You don’t need to plan for different types, however, as Pikachu appearing in Seven Star Raids during this event is only Water Tera type. That means you can safely focus on countering his moveset, along with his two main offensive options in Water and Electric attacks. It will also allow you to catch a surfing Pikachu.

Your main focus here will be countering Pikachu by stopping the rain, and then starting to ditch the massive shield it basically has for the entire raid. They made this mouse a tank with the Tera Raid mechanic, and it’s also the first to have a held item that carries a light ball that doubles its attack and special attack.

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Regardless of your approach, or if you need some tips, here are the best counters to use against the unrivaled Pikachu in Tera Raids. And make sure you take advantage of it because it will only be available until February 27th.

Best Counters for the Peerless Greninja Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Best Gastrodon build for the Peerless Pikachu Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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If you’re getting lazy and just want to bring back something that worked against Greninja, Gastrodon is a great choice, but this time mostly as a support option.

You won’t deal particularly effective damage this time, but Storm Drain protects you from all Water-type attacks and Gastrodon is partially Ground-type, meaning Electric attacks don’t work at all. Combine that with Helping Hand, Recover, Clear Smog, and some other decent moves and you’re set to at least survive – while the rest is up to your teammates.

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Tera Type: GroundAbility: Storm DrainWater-type moves are attracted to this Pokémon. Water-type moves do no damage, and the Pokémon’s Special Attack increases by one stage. Nature: Modest (+ Special Attack, – Attack)Hero Item: Soft SandSoft Sand is used in this build to reliably increase your Ground-type damage, but you can select a different item without sacrificing too much. EV Distribution252 Special AttackThe other 256 can be placed in any stat you want, most recommend some in HP and maybe Defense/Special Defense.MovesClear SmogMud ClapHelping HandRecovery Best Clodsire build for the Peerless Pikachu Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The second option is the same as the first; With a few tweaks, your Clodsire build from the Unrivaled Greninja event can jump right in to take on Unrivaled Pikachu.

Using Acid Spray here will open up the unrivaled Pikachu for your attacking teammates. From there you can either recover to heal, use Helping Hand to help deal damage, or hit Pikachu himself with Earth Force or more acid sprays. And thanks to Water Absorb, you don’t have to worry about taking heavy hits from water-type moves.

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Tera Type: GroundAbility: Absorb WaterThe Pokémon heals for up to 1/4 of its maximum HP when hit by Water-type attacks. Nature: Calm (+ Special Defense, – Attack) or Brave (+ Defense, – Attack) Hero Item: Assault Vest (for All Attack build) or Leftovers Just like Toxtricity, you can take some extra hits with an Assault Vest. Keep in mind that it prevents the user from making non-harmful moves. So only use it if you plan on attacking or using a Cheer every turn. EV-Spread252 HP252 Special Attack4 in both defenses MovesEarth PowerAcid SprayHelping HandMud Strike/Recovery Best Appletun build for the unrivaled Pikachu Tera raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Now we get into the fresh counters that the community has cooked up directly for this event, starting with a malic spray appletun.

This Appletun is built to keep itself alive, lower Pikachu’s Special Defense, and weaken his Water-type attacks, all in one build. Just focus on setting up Sunny Day and using Apple Acid, click Recycle as needed, then spam Solar Beam. Just be aware that Pikachu has play rough.

Tera Type: GrassAbility: RipeDoubles the effects of held berries when eaten in combat. Type: Calm (+ Special Defense, – Attack) or Brave (+ Defense, – Attack)Hero Item: Sitrus BerryRestores 25% of the user’s max HP.EV-Spread252 HP252 Special Attack4 in both defense values ​​the peerless Pikachu Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

If you want to focus more on offense while still using a very underused Pokemon, Lurantis is actually a great option for both countering Pikachu’s Regen setup and dealing massive damage.

Setting up Sunny Day ensures that Pikachu will deal less damage or waste turns trying to set up the rain. In the meantime, you can jump in with Leaf Storm and boost your Special Attack every time thanks to Contrary – in addition to keeping a healing option open to boot with Synthesis and a Flex move. Don’t be fooled by how bulky this weed type is.

Tera Type: GrassAbility: Opposite moves applied to the Pokemon that increase stats decrease stats, while the moves that decrease stats increase statsNature: Humble (+ Special Attack, – Attack)Hero Item: Shell BellWhen this item is held, the wielder recovers 1/8 of the damage it deals to enemies. EV distributes 252 HP252 Special Attack4 to one of the defense values. You can also take a Special Attack and plug it into your Defense stat of choice, since Contrary boosts that stat almost indefinitely anyway. MovesLeaf StormSunny DaySynthesisGrassy Terrain/Pollen Puff Best Wo Chien build for the unrivaled Pikachu Tera raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

That’s right, get your reaction memes ready because Wo-Chien is actually a viable option in this Tera Raid event thanks to his access to pretty much everything the unrivaled Pikachu hates.

Want to lower Pikachu’s stats? Check over. Need to cancel the rain? This snail can praise the sun as if it were born to it. It can also pitch like a truck with or without grassy terrain. You really can’t go wrong here, aside from Play Rough hitting you hard – but even then you should be able to handle a Pikachu.

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Tera Type: GrassAbility: Destruction BoardsThe power of the Pokémon’s destructive wooden boards lowers the attack stats of all Pokémon except itself. Nature: Humble (+ Special Attack, – Attack)Hero Item: Terrain ExtenderThis hold item extends Grassy Terrain, Misty Terrain , Electric Terrain and Psychic Terrain an additional three turns if activated by either movement or the abilities that activate them. EV distributes 252 HP252 Special Attack4 to one of the two defense values. You can also take some HP and put it in your choice of defense stat. Defense is favored so you can pocket a few more play rough hits. MovesSolar Beam/Energy BallSunny Day/Pollen PuffGrasy TerrainSnarl Best Arboliva build for the unrivaled Pikachu Tera raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Another good grass option that doesn’t fear any of Pkachu’s attacks is Arboliva, which in theory will just live forever while dealing damage and leaving Pikachu unable to do much.

If you give your Arboliva a big root, you can heal even more HP by using Giga Drain and Power Drain to hit Pikachu, where Power Drain also lowers the target’s Attack stat. Combine that with Sunny Day and the near-guaranteed Grass Terrain that you can set up thanks to your Seed Sower ability and you have a pretty good setup.

Tera Type: Grass

Ability: Seed Sower Turns the ground into grassy terrain when the Pokémon is hit by an attack. Nature: Modest Calm (+ Special Defense, – Attack) or Brave (+ Defense, – Attack) Item Held: Big Root When this item is held by a Pokémon when it uses attacks that absorb health from the opponent or their surroundings, such as absorb or Ingrain, the HP it regenerates is increased by 30%. EV distributes 252 HP 252 Special Attack4 on one of the defenses Moves Giga DrainStrength Sap/Solar BeamStrength Sap is an egg Move, so if you’re short on time just use Solar Beam in combination with Sunny Day.Sunny DayHelping Hand

Dot Esports will be adding more unrivaled Pikachu tokens as they appear throughout the event.