Best Video Player Apps for Android in 2022

The best video player apps for Android are sometimes seen as limited and only support a few codecs including H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4 SP and VP8. Many video file formats offer a variety of features ranging from DRM to higher fidelity output; other popular codecs like AVCHD, Ogg and M2TS are omitted; native video codecs from iOS devices and camcorders are also not counted. This is why alternative video players are usually essential as they can play numerous video files along with many other features. Well, that’s fine, but modern video players can take advantage of the powerful hardware in smartphones to play almost any video file format.

All Android devices come with a default video player, but third-party apps on the Google Play Store offer a richer viewing experience. Android’s open architecture and app market makes it easy to replace the default video player with a good video app, giving you only the features you need. Android’s open architecture and app market makes it easy to replace the default video player with a good video app, giving you only the features you need. Below we have mentioned the best video player apps for Android.

Check the list of the best video player apps for Android

VLC for Android

No video player is as widespread on Windows as the VLC player. This open source app supports MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI and Ogg files; Android users can have the same experience through the VLC for Android app. It can also stream video content from home networks, making it easy for people with lots of video memory on their desktops to stream VLC. VLC is also great for listening to music, with a built-in equalizer in addition to the playlist feature. Overall, this is one of the best video player apps for Android.

InShot Inc

InShot Inc. is known for developing some of the most useful apps for social media content curators on Android, including YouCut, Photo Editor Pro, and Screen Recorder. The developer also drew a lot of attention with Video Player All Format, formerly known as XPlayer, which offers numerous video and audio codecs and playback functions for Chromecast. At the moment this is one of the best video player apps for Android.

Video Player All Format offers playback of numerous video and audio codecs, as well as Android-specific features such as Chromecast support and the ability to play videos in pop-up windows for multitasking. Media controls have been enhanced with the ability to change playback speed and zoom, and most importantly, users who want to keep their videos private can set video and album passwords to permanently prevent eavesdropping.

FX player

An easy to use interface is surrounded by a respectable feature set in FX Player. The program includes hardware acceleration and supports most popular video and audio formats. It is great for people who want to watch videos with subtitles in another language as it supports many languages ​​and subtitles. Subtitles can be downloaded from the Internet via the app. The well-known best video player apps for Android also support playback in 4K and 8K, and gesture control makes it easy to customize playback.

FX Player can also access content via FTP, WebDAV, SMB, and CIFS if your local storage space is limited. The latest Chromecast is significantly cheaper than its predecessors. With FX Player’s Chromecast support, you can watch videos on a big screen if you decide to buy the new Chromecast.

Archos video player

Archos is an established name in video and one of the best video player apps for Android. The app hasn’t been updated for a long time, but works well with simple controls and a modern interface. The list of formats available is as extensive as you wish, and if you need subtitles, you can download them straight from the web.

Do you want to play videos from a computer, NAS, home server or even a USB storage device? Android TV users in particular will enjoy a “lean-back” interface designed specifically for their TVs, and hardware acceleration enables video playback without cracks or bumps. Program and film descriptions can also be called up.


KMPlayer is a good choice for Android users looking for VIP themes, torrent playback and MP3 conversion as it offers a wealth of features. You can easily access all your settings to zoom in, flip the movie and enable subtitles. In addition to these features, KMPlayer now supports Chromecast, and purchasing a VIP subscription will play torrent downloads while they’re still downloading.

Production of GIFs and various themes can be added to the list of features you didn’t know you wanted if you continue with VIP support. You can still access cloud playback via Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Yandex even if you don’t purchase a VIP subscription (up to $19.99). This is one of the best Android video player apps that you can install right now.


Plex is a pretty good best video player app for Android in its own right. But combined with Plex’s desktop and mobile server software, the app turns your mobile device into a streaming powerhouse, sorting your media files into a library ready to stream to your phone or smart TV

Upgrading from the free version to a full Plex Pass subscription adds features like a media control dashboard, user controls, trailers, and wireless library syncing so you can enjoy your movies and music offline.


One of the best Android video player apps with tons of features and settings is PlayerXtreme, which started as a popular iOS video player and later migrated to Android smartphones. More than 40 file formats, subtitles and hardware acceleration are supported by the program. With Air Play and Chromecast support, you can view media cast directly to your TV, and you can view media stored on your PC, NAS, or websites with in and out streaming support.

PlayerXtreme includes a wide range of playback features including frame-by-frame playback, variable playback speed, adjustable subtitles, and audio and subtitle offset if your playback isn’t exactly in sync.

BS player

Majority of the best video player apps for Android are newer than BSPlayer. However, it is still one of the largest. It features multi-core hardware decoding, hardware acceleration, and support for network device streaming (DLNA). The ability to play files in compressed formats, subtitle support, and the option of a pop-up window are all additional features. There are additional plugins for even better support, and the free version is ad-supported.

MX player

It’s no surprise that MX Player is on everyone’s list of the best video player apps for Android. The balance of features and ease of use make it an excellent choice for any Android user. The list of file formats is extensive and the integrated hardware acceleration renders videos quickly and does not interrupt the video experience. If for some reason you can’t play a file format, search the Play Store for a compatible codec app.

Of course, it would be difficult to talk about MX Player without mentioning the gestures you can use to control almost every feature of the app, including pinch, swipe, and zoom. Last but not least, parental controls ensure that your child never steps out of a video or accidentally calls your boss.


XPlayer is a basic program with 4K, UltraHD playback capability, wide format support and gesture control for Chromecast. These best video player apps for Android have helpful additions like night mode, gesture control, and variable playback speed control from 25x to 4x. In addition, you can add your favorite videos by creating a playlist.

You can also search, delete and modify video files. Best of all, there are no ads on it! Other features include variable playback speed controls, a privacy folder, and a night mode.


However, the best video player apps for Android may not be able to play HEVC files or other formats if they are outdated. This means that even when watching the best 4K and 8K videos, your smartphone cannot be used to its full potential. The advantage of Android is that it has an open design and an app store that allows you to use third-party apps instead of the system’s built-in video player.