Best Workout Apps for Android in 2023: Top Rated Workout Apps

The best Training apps for Android, starting a regular regimen can occasionally be more difficult than necessary to organize your life. A healthy lifestyle includes being physically and mentally fit. However, there are times when we need guidance on where to start and how to maintain our health, which is why we seek external help from some of the best Android applications.

Apps make it possible to practice healthy behaviors like guided meditations and exercise routines, track our daily progress and show how close we are to meeting those goals. That’s why we’ve reviewed some of the best fitness and health apps for Android that you can connect to your favorite smartwatches or smartphones to get started right away. Below we have mentioned the best workout apps for Android.

The best workout apps for Android

Nike training club

With a collection of 185+ free workouts ranging from strength and endurance-based routines to mobility and yoga sessions, all tutored virtually by Nike Master Trainers, this Nike-branded app presents itself as your “ultimate Personal trainer”. Overall, this is one of the best Android workout apps you can download.

Feeling overwhelmed with choices? The more workouts you record, the more personalized the app’s daily recommendations become. There are many workouts you can do without equipment that will still hurt you the next day if you don’t have weights at home. If you like this app, you can download it from the official Google Play Store.

training coach

Skimble’s workout trainer app offers workouts and training plans for both fitness veterans and complete beginners. A quick quiz about your physical fitness can generate customized workout routines and exercises recommended for you. Users can also hire individual trainers with a variety of fitness skills. Notifications, reminders, streak and stat tracking help you stay motivated.

Workout Trainer has one of the best workout apps based solely on these features, but there is also a premium subscription tier with monthly pricing starting at $6.99. Your monthly subscription includes extras like wearable fitness tracker integration, expanded access to more than 100 different training programs, and the ability to customize your workouts and exercises. This is the best workout app for android.


There is no better option for working out at home than Fiit, which offers a variety of workouts and training plans for all fitness levels. There are classes that burn fat, quiet workouts you can do after the kids go to bed, and strength training sessions to help you hit your PR during a marathon.

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Fiit has long been available to UK customers, but Comcast’s Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex are now making the app accessible to millions of US families too. Members’ live stats are displayed on the TV screen during exercise when they first opt ​​in to access a fitness tracker via the Fitit app on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex. Fit points, rep count, heart rate zones, and calories burned are among the stats the app can measure.

Beach body on request

Our experts were pleasantly surprised by Beachbody On Demand’s engaging, stimulating sessions and programming, led by outstanding teachers. It received high marks from reviewers for the extensive range of classes and activities available, ranging from challenging boot camps to Pilates. At the moment this is one of the best workout apps for android.

You can search for courses and programs based on your needs and interests, and the app itself is easy to use. First select one of the many programs available, e.g. A six-week cardio program, a two-month abs-focused hip-hop program, or just a quick BODi Camp workout streamed from your living room.

Seven-7 minute workout

These days nobody has much free time what comes with working from home, distance learning for the kids and all the other daily demands on your schedule. That’s why Seven is among the best home workout apps to fit a short workout into your daily routine. All you need is a tracker screen to track your progress and 7 minutes a day for 7 months.

Maintain your participation in the program to achieve milestones that open up new activities. You can reach out to friends through the app for support or a little friendly competition. Seven’s 3D guidelines can help you get used to any workout if you’re not sure about the whole workout thing. Currently these are the best workout apps for android you can check right now.

HWPO training

The HWPO workout app has something for everyone, whether you’re a CrossFit enthusiast or just starting out in the weightlifting world. Created by Mat Fraser, the only CrossFit athlete in history to win five straight CrossFit games, the routines include instructional videos to help you achieve ideal form.

The HWPO Sweat program has been tested for the past month and we have been impressed with how quickly we have developed strength after using the app. These exercises are effective. HWPO stands for Hard Work Pays Off and it really works; By sticking to the plan, we quickly developed strength and confidence in the gym. They don’t require a ton of equipment so you can do them at home or at the gym. This is one of the best Android workout apps that you can install right now.

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wake up off

Wakeout should not be confused with some of the more challenging workout programs on our top fitness apps list. Even busy people should take breaks during the day to get up from their desk and get some exercise, especially if you’re still in bed and not as active as you used to be. More than 1,000 different exercises are available in Wakeout that you can schedule or start with a tap. Overall, this is the best workout app for Android that you can consider.

Even if you’ve been sitting for too long, the app can remind you, and relaxation exercises can help you unwind before bed. The app is free to download, but to access Wakeout’s routines and features, you must subscribe to $4.99 each month. This app won’t get you torn, but all that movement will likely make you feel better and less sedentary.


The Strava hybrid app encourages users to share their activity and progress with other Strava users by fusing their fitness roots with a distinctive social networking component. In terms of fitness, the app uses GPS to track swims as well as bike rides, walks, and runs. Users can find local fitness events, user-generated challenges, and more on the Explore page provided. Still, it is one of the best workout apps for Android that you can consider.

To stay motivated over the long term, users can also create weekly and yearly goals. Users are encouraged to interact socially by adding information to their activity feeds and even enter a friendly competition. This is one of the best Android workout apps you can download.


You can choose Thor’s favorite fitness program if you are looking for an exercise routine. Developed by actor Chris Hemsworth, the Centr app aims to integrate exercise with diet planning and mindfulness to improve both your physical and mental health. Centr offers daily exercise videos that you can use at home or in the gym, covering a range of disciplines.

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Meal planning makes it easy to find tasty, healthy foods, while guided meditations and sleep advice help get you in the right mood. A 7-day free trial is available for Center, and monthly subscriptions are $29.99. However, you might want to consider an annual subscription, which offers a very big discount on the monthly pricing, bringing it down to $10 per month. Right now these are the best Android workout apps you can download.


Few apps do it better than Google Fit when it comes to providing a clearer picture of your overall health, calculating calories burned, tracking your walks and runs with GPS, and monitoring your heart rate over time. Google Fit is one of the most complete options in the Android ecosystem, and not just the default fitness tracking option on Wear OS devices.

The software tracks how many full minutes you spend moving throughout the day using a novel “Move Minutes” tracking system. In addition, “heart points” are deducted, which are credited for harder training sessions such as brisk walking, running, etc. At the moment this is the best workout app for android.

How to choose the best workout app?

The best exercise software for you will have the activities you want to do at a level that is comfortable for you. A decent fitness software should ideally allow multiple difficulty levels so you can challenge yourself as you get fitter and more relaxed. Some of these fitness apps are free, but most require a subscription. Take advantage of any trial periods, then try a monthly subscription to see if the app meets your needs.

You can always upgrade to an annual subscription if you like what you see as it usually costs less each month. It might be a good idea to look for a well-rounded fitness app with a nice selection of workouts to suit your mood and prevent you from regretting your monthly subscription if you like to change up your workout routines frequently.


We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best workout apps for Android that will promote a healthy lifestyle for your body and mind while supporting your fitness goals. Finding an app that fits your lifestyle and provides the motivation you need to start noticing improvements in your daily meditation, exercise, and sleep can sometimes take some trial and error.