BGMI ID, Stats, Clan, YouTube Earnings and more of Savage Girl in 2023

BGMI’s popularity in the Indian gaming market has opened up many unique career opportunities for fans of the game. Several streamers across the country have started streaming the game, racking up millions of views in the process.

Aashi “Savage Girl” is one of the most popular female streamers in the country. She rose through the ranks playing classic games in BGMI, and later proved her prowess as a versatile gamer when she started streaming other PC games as well. Her affinity for games and popularity in the community has helped her become a brand ambassador for the renowned esports organization 7Sea Esports.

Although she is currently streaming GTA V RP on her YouTube channel, her in-game stats show that she played Battlegrounds Mobile India offline.

Details about Savage Girl, the BGMI content creator, that fans should know


Fans looking for Savage Girl’s BGMI ID can use the code 5538032149 or her IGN SAVAGExxGIRL to find her profile.

Savage Girl is the co-leader of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s SGA ARMY clan. Fans can send her clan requests to be added to their clan for a chance to play classic matches with her.

Seasonal stats and rank

Savage Girl is currently placed in the Ace Master tier in the ongoing (and reintroduced) Season 7 of Cycle 3, accumulating 4016 points. There are more than two weeks left until the end of the season and she is expected to reach the Ace Dominator tier if she plays regularly.

Savage Girl has great stats in the ongoing and reintroduced Cycle 3 Season 7 in BGMI (Image via Krafton)
Savage Girl has great stats in the ongoing and reintroduced Cycle 3 Season 7 in BGMI (Image via Krafton)

The popular content creator has participated in 117 classic matches in TPP Squad mode. However, she has secured a chicken dinner in just 21 matchups (with a 17.9% win rate) and helped her team finish in the top 10 in 95 matches.

Meanwhile, Savage Girl also dealt 91087.3 total damage and 778.5 average damage. She maintained an F/D ratio of 3.89 and defeated 455 enemies on the battlefields.

She holds a 20.9 headshot percentage with a total of 95 headshots. She has survived an average of 16.5 minutes in each Classic Mode match.

In the reintroduced Cycle 3 Season 7, Savage Girl’s best outing in a match was 16 finishes with 3024 damage deals.

Note: Savage Girl’s Battlegrounds Mobile India stats are collected at the time of writing and will change as she plays more games during the current season.

YouTube Earnings

As a brand ambassador at 7Sea Esports, Savage Girl earns a regular income from the organization. However, her main source of income is her popular YouTube channel, which currently has more than 251,000 subscribers. She has uploaded 461 gameplay/reaction videos and lifestyle vlogs to her channel so far.

According to Social Blade, Aashi has generated $72-$1.1k from her YouTube channel in the past 30 days. She has also accumulated over 2.86 lakh video views. These stats show her meteoric rise as a popular content creator in the Indian gaming community.

Note: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was removed from virtual storefronts on July 28, 2022 due to suspension by MeitY. Hence, Indian gamers are advised not to download or play the popular title.

Edited by Siddharth Satish