Biden’s attorney who found classified documents speaks to FBI

President Biden’s personal attorney, who uncovered a series of classified materials at the DC think tank that bears Biden’s name, has reportedly spoken to federal investigators investigating the case.

Patrick Moore, the attorney the 80-year-old president hired to clean his former office at the Penn Biden Center last November, reportedly met with U.S. Attorney John Lausch’s team after he found about 10 highly sensitive documents, according to CNN had found.

The interview came during the early stages of the Justice Department’s investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents, the news outlet said on Tuesday.

CNN also reported that the interview with Moore, conducted by Lausch’s office, was informal and was not transcribed on an official form used by government agencies to summarize formal interviews, known as the “302” form.

Earlier this month, it was reported that federal investigators have already interviewed several employees who worked under Biden in his final days as vice president in the Obama administration as part of the document investigation, including Kathy Chung, Biden’s former executive assistant and current associate director of Protocol for Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Joe Biden’s attorney, who uncovered a batch of classified materials at a DC think tank, has spoken to federal investigators.
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After Lausch’s initial review, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Special Counsel Robert Hur to lead the criminal investigation. It’s unclear if Hur, who is reportedly still assembling his team, will re-interview Moore and other witnesses.

The classified material discovered by Moore at the Washington think tank Penn Biden Center was turned over to the National Archives the day after its discovery, according to the White House Office. Moore then turned over to the National Archives unclassified personal documents that had been sent by the think tank to Moore’s law office in Boston, according to CNN.

Six other classified documents were discovered later this week at Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, the White House said on Saturday, after the president admitted on Thursday that an unspecified number of classified documents were in the home’s garage next to his valuable 1967 Chevrolet Corvette had been found.

Garage of Joe Biden's house in Wilmington.
The interview took place during the early stages of the Justice Department’s investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents.
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Legal commentator Jonathan Turley told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that Biden’s personal attorneys are “likely witnesses in a criminal investigation” into whether the commander in chief or others in his circle mishandled classified documents.

Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said Tuesday that the “most serious discovery would be evidence that Biden edited their documents or removed them from their classification folders.”

“While gross abuse does not require bad faith, unintentional violations are often addressed outside of the criminal justice system,” he added. “The most serious violations were prosecuted when material was intentionally removed.”‚Äč