Big Scarlet & Violet Patch fixes Jank by spawning fewer Pokemon

Screenshot: Nintendo

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet released last November with a truly hilarious and baffling amount of graphical glitches and bugs. But fear not: Nintendo just announced a huge February update that should bring us closer to the quality we’ve normally come to expect from the Pokémon series. The developers also added quality of life improvements to the Pokémon storage box system.

Here’s what the developers promised to fix:

Graphical and other performance issues Most of us are familiar with it: you play Scarlet and Violet normally, then the game randomly closes. The developers have promised to fix this. The catch is that fewer NPCs and wild Pokémon will appear in the world. You can smile again knowing that the developers are going to fix a bug where your trainer’s facial expression doesn’t change.
Random passers-by in towns will no longer appear during Pokémon battles.
Combat Fixes Scarlet and Violet usually recommend moves based on type matchups. Previously, the combat interface would suggest attacks based on double combat opponents who had already fainted. This is a bug and will be fixed after the next patch. Participating in ranked battles does not prevent you from participating in further ranked battles. Previously, players received a communication error after entering the Ranked Battles screen after the seasonal rewards were calculated. Normally disguised as another Pokémon, a Terastalized Zoroark can no longer be identified through the “Check Target” option. Its type combos are now properly displayed as its Tera type, rather than the Pokemon it’s disguised as.
When a Dondozo uses Order Up with a Tatsugiri, its stats no longer increase if the attack is canceled by a move like Protect.
Bind of Destiny is no longer broken by Terastization.Tera RaidsEnemy health bar was not honoring some moves like Rough. The UI should show damage correctly after the game updates.
The patch fixes a bug where all Pokemon on the player’s side passed out even though they still had health points.
The game will stop connecting if two people see different Pokemon during a Tera Raid
The developers will fix a bug where the game didn’t register keystrokes while the player was selecting a target.
The game will randomly generate a different Pokemon than the one selected in the Tera Raid search screen. It should direct you to the correct Pokemon after the patch. Tera Raid Crystals spawn at their normal rate. Box Enhancements You can change nicknames, moves, worn items, and bands from the Box menu.
The Y button can now be used to trade held items.
You can select all boxes while moving Pokémon and items.
Battle teams are shown in a slightly darker color. Other updates Pokémon you’ve traded away and brought back may not hear you during battle and pretend they were originally acquired through trade. Additional Pokédex information for Shiny Pokémon will be updated displayed normally. Pokémon from other regions will no longer be registered in the Paldea region.

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You should receive the patch automatically if you have set your Nintendo Switch to update automatically. If not, you can update the game manually by pressing the + or – button while seeing the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet icon on the home screen. This update will be deployed sometime in late February.