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As we all know, Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people in the world financially. However, there are also controversies about Bill Gates’ policies on Covid 19, climate change, etc. So there were frequent discussions on Bill Gates’ social media. At certain times we can see misinformation/disinformation being spread as well, such as what Bill Gates said. This is our investigation of one such video.

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A viral video on social media shows excerpts from the interview with Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Video shows Bill Gates fuming over Covid-19 policies and Microsoft ownership issues.

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The videos also went viral on WhatsApp and Twitter.

We decided to fact check this.

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Initially, we tried to find this original video using the Invid – We Verify tool. Then we found the original video that went with it. ABC journalist Sarah Ferguson interviewed Gates in January 2023.

The original video is below.

In this video we notice that the journalist doesn’t ask questions like in the viral video, nor does he answer Bill Gates in an uncomfortable or angry way like in the viral video. And at the end of the video, Bill Gates also ended the interview amicably; It’s not a sudden move like a viral social media video. Regarding Covid-19, the journalists asked Gates if he had complained to social media companies about misinformation/disinformation circulating against him on social media regarding the Covid-19 vaccination etc. (4:50 min). And the journalist asked Gates about his connection to Jeffrey Epstein, who has allegations of sex trafficking. (9:50 minutes). Here Gates says he regrets this association with him. So there are no major controversial points in this interview. In addition, they discussed the likelihood of Australia producing green hydrogen and its export market.

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Then the question arises: How can such viral videos with false dialogues arise? The answer is artificial intelligence or AI. According to our research, the beginning of the viral video can be traced back to the Tik Tok viral video. The video that created the video added it with the caption: “How dangerous AI can be. “You can read more about it here. Archived.

Artificial intelligence can simulate anyone’s voice in a short time and create similar agents. You can read an article about it here. Archived.

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As per our investigation, we have found that the viral WhatsApp video stating that Bill Gates was caught in the corner is inaccurate and the voices were generated by artificial intelligence (AI) related manipulations.

Title:Controversial Viral Interview With Bill Gates About Covid Vaccines Etc Edited Or Fake? Find out the facts.

Fact check by: Kalana Krishantha

Result: False