Billionaires are running for your brain

Often referred to as the most advanced computer in existence, the human brain is responsible for regulating our bodies, storing vast amounts of information and processing it almost instantly. As such an essential part of our existence, brain damage can lead to life-altering consequences.

In an effort to understand the brain’s complexity and replicate its capabilities, some of the wealthiest individuals invest billions of dollars to advance modern technologies. One such example is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., who brought Neuralink to market in 2016 with a $100 million investment. Neuralink’s focus is on developing brain-computer interfaces, and in 2021 the company unveiled a monkey that plays pong, controlling the game with just its brain. Despite numerous controversial claims about Neuralink’s potential applications, the company has come under scrutiny and investigation for allegations ranging from handling dangerous pathogens to animal deaths.

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Neuralink recently raised $205 million in a Series C funding round involving Alphabet Inc.’s Google Ventures, Robert Belson, the founder of ARCH Venture Partners, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, and other influential investors. Musk isn’t alone in investing significant resources in brain research, however. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Inc., and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon Inc., have also invested in Synchron, a startup focused on decoding the brain’s neural code. Synchron raised $75 million in its Series C round, including investments from Gates Frontier, Bezos Expeditions, ARCH Venture Partners, Alumni Ventures, and numerous other venture capital funds. The funds raised will help accelerate the development of Synchron’s first platform product, the Synchron Switch, a brain-computer interface (BCI).

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Synchron’s website boasts 105 patents and claims to have “developed an endovascular brain-computer interface that can access every corner of the brain through its 400 miles of blood vessels.”

The story goes on

Both Neuralink and Synchron are nearing the stage of conducting human trials, indicating that this breakthrough technology may not be far off becoming a reality. While the concrete results and applications of these advances remain to be seen, it is undeniable that advances in this area are nothing short of extraordinary. As billionaire visionaries continue to invest in brain research and development, the potential for life-changing innovations in neuroscience and technology is immense.

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Even small investors have recently joined the action. TruBrain is a startup developing FDA-cleared wearable technology and nutritional supplements for brain health and anxiety control. The profitable venture-backed company launched an equity crowdfunding round, meaning anyone can invest, and has already raised over $1.2 million from individual investors.

In fact, nearly every tech company that tops the list of “world’s largest companies” has encountered or is incorporating brain-focused technology.

In early 2022, reports surfaced for Apple Inc. of hiring jobs to create BCIs and the creation of “think tanks” for the technology back in 2009.

Microsoft is more public with its research by educating and keeping the public updated on its efforts on a page that can be found here.

Meta Platforms Inc. is arguably one of the best known and most avid researchers in this field. The company has poured hundreds of billions into its Metaverse dreams, pioneering some of the most advanced technologies in the space, particularly as it relates to augmented and virtual reality.

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