Blackpool’s cell phone repair shop, where customers always ask “Where are the men?”

There can’t be many mobile phone shops across the UK that leave customers confused as they walk through the front door. But that is exactly what is happening at KTech in Blackpool.

It’s not the prices or the variety of offers that amazes many visitors. The store opened its doors on Highfield Road in June 2019 and sells the usual screen protectors, cases and repair services.

The staff, on the other hand, some find a little more unusual. They are all women.

KTech is a family business owned by Courtney Smith and Sarah Hammond. Courtney’s mother, Anna Heard, also works at the store.

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Sarah said the inspiration came after spotting a niche market for a phone repair shop on Highfield Road. Sarah and Courtney decided to take the plunge and open the store, which was originally six doors down from its current location.

The past four years have been described by the family as a rollercoaster ride. Courtney said: “We’ve been pretty lucky because we have a lot of loyal customers. A lot of our business comes from word of mouth, so maybe we’re helping a little old lady who has no idea how to use her phone, but then she goes and sits in a coffee shop and tells all her friends about us.”

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