Blaupunkt BTW300 Review | An entry-level TWS from a premium speaker manufacturer

Blaupunkt is a brand closely associated with car stereos. And they are one of the important players in this segment. So when I heard that the German audio brand was selling their own earbuds, or what’s now fashionably called TWS, I wasn’t sure what to expect from them.

Keeping my expectations low, I opened the package to find a black matte earphone box inside. Opening it was a bit of a hassle for me as the sleekly designed box kept slipping out of my hand. That might have been because I’m used to a true wireless stereo (TWS) with a flat-top box.

The smooth finish of the Blaupunkt BTW300 was a bit harsh for me. But its lightweight build with a total weight of around 90 grams was perfect for portability. The earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth v5.3, thanks to which they connect to the devices almost instantly. And it also has an IPX5 rating, making it resistant to sweat and water drops. The pair sits neatly in the ears and offers a comfortable listening experience.

With this variant, the German audio manufacturer does without Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). But it offers a feature called Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC). ENC CRISPR TECH can filter out ambient noise when you’re on the phone so you only hear the human voice. This can help reduce background noise on calls.

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This feature worked fine for me. But at the end of the mic it didn’t have the same level of filtering. So when I took calls outside, the person on the other end noticed that my voice was slurred. My background was a little loud and noisy for her. However, this did not happen when I answered calls indoors.

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The earplugs are very well made and fit well in the ears. When I ran or walked, they didn’t move. However, the Blaunpunkt BTW300 lacked a well-functioning audio and channel control in the earphones.

Whenever I was jogging or doing something with the connected device away from me, I couldn’t turn down the volume by controlling the earbuds. I had to control it from my phone. The earbuds have a volume control option, but it’s unintelligently designed. For example, to increase the volume, Blaupunkt’s manual asks you to triple-tap the left bud. And to shut it down, it wants you to triple-tap the right one.

A simple hold-and-tap setup to increase and decrease the volume would have been far more useful. Priced at £1,499, this is an option that could easily have been added. If not for the price, at least from a brand awareness perspective. Someone opting for Blaupunkt earphones over another comparable TWS in this price segment might expect this feature to be part of the BTW300.

As for the audio experience, Blaupunkt BTW300 offers a slightly higher bass performance. And that’s directly different from the first title you play. The German brand has ensured that the improved bass does not distort the audio quality. When I streamed movies on OTT, action sequences had decent audio output with no distortion or high-pitched vocals. Blaupunkt has sufficiently balanced treble and bass with these earphones.

Charging and battery backup were impressive. The earbuds are powered by fast-charging technology that stores an hour’s charge within 15 minutes. And with a full charge, the earbuds can play almost 40 hours continuously. With Bluetooth connectivity, the earbuds could remain within range with a connected device at a distance of 15-20 feet and in cases where the devices were separated by two or three walls.

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For a company that specializes in audio equipment, Blaupunkt’s entry-level TWS does a good job of delivering high-quality and distortion-free audio with slightly enhanced bass. But the inclusion of nice features like volume controls and channel switching options in the earbuds would have made this a definitive product in its price segment.

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