Bleach Dominates Social Media upon Return

You didn’t even have to use Bankai!

Bleach: TYBW Where to see

One of the things a lot of fandoms have today that they didn’t have in the 1990’s, for example, was a community to interact with on a regular basis. With the advent of the internet, forums emerged where like-minded fans could come together to discuss their favorite things about their favorite shows. But then with the advent of social media came the ability to speak up in real time and post thoughts, feelings, reactions and more about what those fans were just experiencing. So when a significant event happens — like an anime returning after a decade of forced exile — fans will be talking about it. Of course, the topic of discussion today is the long-awaited return of Bleaching.

Yesterday was the debut of Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War, the anime that would continue the story of the original anime series and end the plot of the manga. The OG anime was discontinued ten years ago, and fans had been hoping and praying ever since that it would get a glorious return. Thankfully, it got exactly that, and fans couldn’t be happier. We say this because Twitter has been revealing its trending topics well into the day, and bleaching was at the top with over 400,000 posts about him and his return. It even beat World Mental Health Day, a critical issue in its own right.

It should also be noted that these stats are probably much higher considering how they came out around 3pm, and many people probably didn’t see the anime’s return until much later. So it could have been around 500,000 if not higher when the day ended.

As we discussed yesterday, many fans have been posting things on Twitter to celebrate the anime’s return, including thanking other fans for not giving up hope for its return. The fandom is still devoted to Ichigo Kurosaki, and fan support led to this moment.

With the premiere now out, fans can look forward to what happens next with the anime. Shortly before the premiere, it became known that the new series will have 52 episodes, divided into four blocks. That means fans have three months of episodes left before a hiatus. These breaks are well deserved due to Studio Pierrot’s high-quality animations. Also, it means that the anime will have a long time to flesh out its creator’s final stories.

The creator noted that when the anime was canceled a decade ago, he was able to “put full force” on his story because he didn’t have to worry that it would be “too awesome” for the anime to interpret. Fast forward to now, and several anime series have created high-end animation of complex scenes, so fans don’t have to worry about things being censored or “stuck” because of animation elements.

Therefore, you can expect a lot more dedication on social media in the future.