Blind mother left without food after Argos changed delivery times

A legally blind mother says she was left without food when Argos delayed delivery of a fridge freezer after she had already emptied her supplies. Retford resident Sheila Cook, 84, emptied and defrosted her fridge before the new one was delivered, but by the time the delivery time rolled around nothing had turned up – she was out of food.

She was saving for a new fridge freezer and her son James, 52, was helping Ms Cook with the order, which was due to arrive between 2.30pm and 4.30pm on Tuesday April 11. The delivery time was pushed back to 6pm but it came at 6.30pm and nothing had turned up, Mr Lowthorpe said.

He called there and the delivery time was pushed back to 9pm. He said: “I explained that we have to take out all the food and it’s all thawed.

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“They just apologized and said it would be there by 9pm. But then the time had come and there was still no fridge-freezer.”

Ms Cook said: “I thought that’s it – all my food is gone. It wouldn’t freeze again or anything.

“There I was – no food except some bread.” When Mr Lowthorpe called Argos the next morning, he was reportedly told the driver had overstayed his hours and another slot needed to be sorted.

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