Bomb hurled at Atiq Ahmad’s lawyer’s home after gangster revealed sealed envelope

Prayagraj (UP): A crude bomb was hurled on Tuesday on a side street near the home of one of the lawyers for the slain gangster-turned-politician, Atiq Ahmad, police said. No one was injured in the incident, which took place in the Katra area here this afternoon, they said.

The incident followed a revelation by the murdered gangster-turned-politician’s lawyer that Atiq Ahmad had written a letter to be sent to the Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh and the Chief Justice of India in the event of his death. Kernalganj Police Station SHO Ram Mohan Rai claimed that Atiq’s lawyer, Dayashankar Mishra, was not the target and that the incident was a result of personal animosity between two youths. However, the lawyer claimed it was an attempt to “create fear and terror”.

“A crude bomb was hurled in the Katra area due to personal enmity between two youths. It is a coincidence that the bomb was hurled near the house of one of Atiq Ahmad’s lawyers who resides in the area,” the SHO claimed. Further measures are underway, the police said.

statement of the lawyer

“Atiq Ahmad had said that in case of mishap or if he was assassinated, the letter in the sealed envelope should be sent to the Chief Justice of India and the Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh,” his lawyer Vijay Mishra said.

“This letter in a sealed envelope is not with me nor was it sent by me. It is stored elsewhere and sent by another person. I don’t know the contents of the letter,” he said.

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Atiq Ahmad, 60, and his brother Ashraf were shot dead at close range by three men posing as journalists in the middle of a media interaction on Saturday night while police officers escorted them to a medical college in Prayagraj for examination.

The brothers, both detained in Prayagraj, were handcuffed when they were killed in front of camera crews. The horrifying images were widely shared on social media platforms and TV channels. The last rites of Ahmad’s son Asad, who was gunned down during a police operation in Jhansi on April 13, were performed here just hours before the shooting.

They were brought to Prayagraj from Gujarat and Bareilly prisons for questioning in connection with the killing of Umesh Pal and his two police guards earlier this year.

Ahmad had asked the Supreme Court for protection, claiming he and his family were falsely implicated in the Umesh Pal murder case and could be killed in a fake encounter with Uttar Pradesh police.

(With inputs from PTI)