Boost Mobile offers 5G with limited speeds: is it worth the money?

5G speeds are just around the corner for Boost customers.

Boost Mobile has finally announced that it will be offering 5G on all of its cellular plans starting April 4, 2023.

So far, it’s only tested 5G with its pricey 70GB plan.

When it flips the switch, however, speed caps will be introduced for most of its 4G and 5G plans.

Here’s a breakdown of the new speed limits by top-up amount:

charging costs expiration date Download speed up to
$5-$15 7 days 150Mps
$20-$40 28 days 150Mps
$50 28 days 250Mps
$70 28 days uncovered
$100 6 months 150Mps
$150-$300 12 months 150Mps

How do I get 5G network access with Boost?

5G network access will come standard on all Boost Mobile services.

However, a 5G-enabled cell phone is required.

5G coverage depends on your location, but Boost Mobile is the only mobile virtual network operator with access to the full Telstra network.

Telstra is still rolling out 5G and currently covers around 80% of Australians.

Boost has informed customers that the change will not affect their voice or SMS inclusions. We reached out to Boost to confirm if this applies to data inclusions as well.

What if I don’t top up until after April 4th?

Existing Boost Mobile customers can enjoy unlimited 5G and 4G speeds until their next top-up after April 4, 2023.

How do speed limits affect my download speed?

It really depends on the typical speed you are currently attaining. The imposed caps are the maximum possible download speeds for a given plan.

You can see how your mobile connection is holding up by running a speed test. If you don’t see speeds above 150 Mbps or higher, you’re probably not affected.

5G speeds tend to be faster than NBN.

To put 150Mbps in context, the most popular NBN speed tier, NBN 50, offers maximum download speeds of 50Mbps.

Is a Boost Mobile plan worth it?

For a smaller provider, Boost is certainly very valuable, in addition to access to the entire Telstra network, Boost offers:

  • Unlimited standard national calls and SMS
  • Plan management via the Boost Mobile app. You can top up in one place, check your details and get in touch with customer service
  • Features like data rollover and international calling and texting to select countries
  • Boost won the 2022 Finder Award for Best Prepaid Cellular Plan.
  • Keep in mind: If you’re on a 28-day schedule, you’ll need to top up 13 times a year. This could make Boost Mobile a bit more expensive than other providers that offer monthly plans.
Michelle Kwong

What does a Boost customer think of the announcement?

“I’ve been with Boost for a few years and love having full access to Telstra’s 4G network without paying Telstra’s prices.”

“I’ve found that other providers tend to increase prices as they roll out 5G, so I think it’s great that 5G is being added for free – the limited speeds don’t bother me.”

“150Mbps would actually be faster than my internet speed at home.”

— Michelle Kwong, associate publisher at Utilities and customer of Boost Mobile

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