Boy rocks the internet by grooving to Bappi Lahiri’s hit number

NewsTrendingTrending in IndiaBoy Rocks the Internet Grooving to Bappi Lahiri’s Hit Number The song “Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja” was composed by Bappi Lahiri for the 1982 film Disco Dancer. Listen to this article Your browser does not support the audio element.

Four decades after its release, Bappi Lahiri’s successful composition “Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja” still manages to draw people onto the dance floor. The super hit number, sung by Parvati Khan and Vijay Benedict, is not only popular in India but also in many parts of Central Asia.

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A viral video filmed in a Central Asian country shows children who appear to be in their early teens grooving to the banger from the 1982 Bollywood film Disco Dancer.

This undated video was shared online by a Twitter user by the nickname Rez (@JrRezvani). The Twitter user wrote: “Bah bah! Our Soviet Persian cousins ​​are still rocking to ‘jimi jimi haja haja’, a Bollywood hit when Brezhnev was a little boy!”.

In the comments, many people praised a little boy who was particularly immersed in the song. Commenting on the video, one Twitter user wrote: “This girl in yellow is so pretty and such a sophisticated dance and a cute expression of hers on Jimmy Jimmy Dance but this boy lol steals the show with his funny expressions.”

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Many people also shared similar cases of encountering the song’s popularity abroad. One Twitter user commented: “I was in Kyrgyzstan recently and everyone greeted me with this song and other #mithunchakraborty songs. 🥰”. Another person recalled, “I really don’t know what’s up with this song. To my absolute amazement, it was also the most played song in Ulaanbaatar in 2022.”

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