Brazilian Influencer’s Video Post After Accident Leaves Internet Furious

The Brazilian influencer's video post after an accident enrages the internet

The incident happened earlier this month on October 14 in Brazil.

A Brazilian social media influencer who reportedly killed an 86-year-old man with her car has come under fire for complaining about the victim’s family in a video she shared after the incident.

The woman, identified as singer and model Julia Reis, had encountered the victim, Agostinho Ascencao da Silva, outside his home and crushed him between her vehicle and a wall New York Post reported. The incident happened earlier this month on October 14 in Brazil.

“I had an accident where a man here from my town was run over,” Ms. Reis said in the clip, which described the tragic accident.

According to the outlet, Ms. Reis suffered only a few minor injuries in the accident. Mr Agostinho, on the other hand, had to be helped by bystanders who pushed the car away to free him. The 86-year-old was taken to hospital and amputated, but died a few days after the accident, despite the doctor’s best efforts.

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Not long after the tragic incident, Ms. Reis posted several videos on social media, including one in which she claimed the victim’s family ignored her.

“Despite the doctor’s advice to take care of myself, I released an official statement hours after the accident, expressing my condolences to the elderly man’s family and making myself available to provide any necessary assistance. However, as will later emerge, Mr Agostinho’s family refuses to respond to my attempts to contact them via WhatsApp,” the social media influencer said in one of the clips post.

However, Mr Agostinho’s family claimed Ms Reis tried to drive away and even repeatedly told the old man to “calm down” after the accident. Citing Brazilian media G1the post reported that the family said Ms. Reis’ father, who was present at the scene, also got into an argument with them, which was subsequently broken up by the military.

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Ever since this news broke, netizens have slammed Mr. Reis, calling her a “murderer.”

“The only people who have these pieces of 🗑 ‘Influence’ are people with low IQ,” wrote one user. “This woman is a killer point,” said another.

A third commented: “I thought influencers had common sense… it certainly lacked. So how did she get the title “Influencer”? A fourth added, “And just when you thought this generation couldn’t get any more selfish…”

The social media star claimed she swerved in her car to avoid a toddler who ran into the street. She also stated that she could hardly remember the tragic incident.

Brazilian police have already established that Ms. Reis was not under the influence of alcohol at the time. Authorities are currently investigating the car accident.