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Favre’s attorney Pat McAfee mocks the trade after the lawsuit originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Former Packers QB Brett Favre and former Colts punter-turned-podcast host Pat McAfee continue to brace for what appears to be a pending legal battle. Favre has filed defamation lawsuits against McAfee, Shannon Sharpe and Mississippi state auditor Shad White for their comments about Favre’s alleged involvement in a Mississippi welfare fraud case.

We haven’t heard from Sharpe, but McAfee addressed the lawsuit on his show.

“I would like to allow the New York attorneys to write me two letters before this matter was made public. The first letter read, ‘We want you to go back and delete every single video that mentions Brett Favre’s name from your YouTube library, your Twitter library and everything else.’ That’s pretty much a warning shot. So I looked at that and said, ‘This is hilarious.’ Of course we don’t do that. Put that down and get on with my life.

“A lot of my people are wondering how my attorneys are going to handle this. You know I don’t have them. So let’s drive this fr. I’m excited. Let’s see how it goes. See you in court, mate.”

Favre’s attorney, Eric Herschmann, appeared on an episode of the “Fearless” podcast with Jason Whitlock and appeared to relish the opportunity to bring McAfee to justice.

“I guarantee you the Mississippi jury will make sure he learns to apologize,” Herschmann said on the podcast. “This is going to cost Pat McAfee millions of dollars. And if it bankrupts him, he will have learned his lesson that you don’t try to improperly and improperly promote yourself by attacking someone else. He will learn the lesson the hard way.”

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McAfee said on his show he was careful to always say that Favre was “allegedly” involved in this social scandal, but Herschmann said that alone wasn’t enough to cover for him.

“If he wanted to cover the Brett Favre story, he should have done his due diligence,” Herschmann said.

Favre is in the spotlight of a Mississippi scandal in which funds given to families in need were used to fund a volleyball stadium at his alma mater, Southern Mississippi University. According to a Mississippi Today report, Favre also received $1.1 million from this fund to help promote the program. Herschmann said Favre repaid the money to the state when he learned it came from the Social Fund, but that repayment didn’t include $228,000 in interest, according to the Associated Press.

Favre’s attorney said on “Fearless” that Favre did nothing improper or illegal to help raise funds for the volleyball program. Favre does not face criminal charges.

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