Bright Tangerine Sony FX6 Portrait Plate Released – Social Media Cinema Rig Made Easy

Bright Tangerine has released an interesting portrait plate, designed specifically for the Sony FX6, that lets you switch from horizontal to vertical content creation in seconds. The portrait platter can double as a regular cheese platter when shooting regular 16:9 content. So let’s take a closer look at this handy accessory that will help you capture social media content with a cinema camera!

British manufacturer Bright Tangerine has a solid reputation for developing innovative and high quality cinema camera accessories, matte boxes, rain shields and rigging solutions. Quality comes at a price and Bright Tangerine solutions are often some of the most expensive accessories you can get for your camera. I recently got their LeftField Advanced Kit for the Canon EOS C70 and couldn’t be happier with the build quality and features. As we say, “buy once, cry once,” but you can feel the serious craftsmanship that Bright Tangerine puts into their products.

Bright Tangerine launched a full line of rigging accessories for the Sony FX6 in December 2022. With continued growth and the need for vertical social media content, the company is now back with an additional accessory: the Bright Tangerine Sony FX6 Portrait Plate. But first, let’s look at their LeftField system for the Sony FX6.

Bright Tangerine Sony FX6 Portrait Plate – Features

The Bright Tangerine Sony FX6 Portrait Plate consists of a thick block of aluminum that attaches to the company’s Top Plate Mk II (codename: B4004.1018). It is attached to the side using the camera’s handle mount. With a total of six screws, you can be pretty confident that once this plate is attached to your camera, it’s not going anywhere.

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Photo credit: Light tangerine

There are two 3/8″-16 and two 1/4″-20 mounting points with locating pins on top of the portrait plate. There’s also a QD socket for attaching a camera strap.

Photo credit: Light tangerine

On the side you’ll find an ARRI rosette and an abundance of 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting points. All of these mounting points come in handy when shooting in a “normal” horizontal 16:9 configuration. This allows you to attach additional accessories to the right side of the camera – for example a wireless video transmitter.

Photo credit: Light tangerine

But the main purpose of the Bright Tangerine Sony FX6 Portrait Plate is obviously to let you shoot vertical content with ease. Compared to other cheese boards, this portrait board’s handle attachment points eliminate any structural flex that other cheese boards might have, creating a very stable/secure platform.

If you are not in the Bright Tangerine LeftField ecosystem, you can attach any quick release fastener to the Portrait Plate.

Photo credit: Light tangerine

But if you have a LeftField Sony FX6 baseplate, you can also purchase an optional 15mm LWS spacer that adjusts your entire camera to the correct height for 15mm LWS accessories.

price and availability

The Bright Tangerine Sony FX6 Portrait Plate is available now for $157.41/€149 and the 15mm LWS Spacer is $66.33/€57. For reference, the Top Plate II for the Sony FX6 costs $155.43/€134.

For more information, visit the Bright Tangerine website here.

What do you think of this portrait plate for the Sony FX6? Do you often shoot vertical content for social media? What kind of accessories do you usually use to shoot vertically? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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