Brightline launches revamped New River Bridge app and website

Florida – Thursday, March 9, 2023: Brightline has launched a revamped Bridge Schedule app and website to provide mariners with real-time information on the openings and closures of the FEC Railway/Brightline rail bridge along the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The revamped app and website are more user-friendly and provide more accurate information based on train GPS data, making bridge opening and closing information more reliable.

To download the Bridge app, search for “Bridge Schedule” in the Apple and Android app stores or visit

“Our partnership with the Broward marine community is important and we have worked diligently and collectively to develop an app and website that meets their needs on the waterway,” said Michael Lefevre, VP of Operations. “We’ve already had great feedback that this revamped app and website provides the information needed to enable both the shipping and rail industries to operate efficiently.”

Brightline has worked with the Marine Industries Association of South Florida since the company was founded in 2012. One of the most important demands from ship users was a better predictability of the operation of the railway bridge. The app and website provide forecasts and real-time updates for the FEC Railway/Brightline Bridge so users can plan their journey along the waterway and know when the bridge will open and close. As seafarers traverse the waterway, they can log into the app or website and check the status of the bridge and see the most up-to-date forecasts for future bridge movements.

“The Brightline service and the marine industry both rely heavily on schedules to deliver a safe and reliable product to their customers,” said Phil Purcell, CEO and President of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida. “Communication is key and this app provides commuters, commercial shipping companies and recreational boaters with real-time up-to-date bridge status.”

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In addition to the app and website, Brightline rolled out other mitigation measures to help seafarers plan their voyage. Brightline have reintroduced a bridge monitor and countdown clock on the FEC Railway/Brightline New River bridge, which has also been helpful for seafarers.

“The Bridge app is a great addition as it assists the Water Taxi and City Water Trolley in day-to-day operations, planning and accurate timing for our guests,” said Bill Walker, CEO/President of Water Taxi.

The Bridge app and website will be expanded in 2023 to publish the same real-time information for the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter and the St. Lucie River in Stuart when Brightline’s service to Orlando opens next year. Seafarers and recreational boaters in these communities can also use real-time information about the railway bridges to plan their voyages along their respective waterways.