Bulletstorm VR officially revealed

Incuvo has officially announced the development of Bulletstorm VR for Meta Quest VR devices and PlayStation VR2. It’s been over 12 years since the release of Bulletstorm, developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games. The bizarre first-person shooter mixed absurdist humor with an arsenal of over-the-top guns and gore for a truly unique experience. However, Bulletstorm’s sales fell short of expectations and a sequel was never produced. Now Bulletstorm VR is trying to correct course for the franchise.

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While sales fell short of expectations for the original Bulletstorm’s release in 2011, the style and unique gameplay of the first-person shooter led to a second opportunity for the game in 2017. Gearbox Publishing agreed to have Bulletstorm remastered with improved textures and additional content. In the years following the release of the Bulletstorm remaster, the People Could Fly developers hoped that Bulletstorm would be given a “second life” in the future. That day may finally have come.

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People Can Fly has officially partnered with VR game developer Incuvo to create Bulletstorm VR. Incuvo is known for VR games like Green Hell VR, Layers of Fear VR, and Blair Witch Oculus Quest Edition. In other words, it’s known for adapting games for VR, with Bulletstorm VR being the latest example. Bulletstorm VR will be released in 2023 for PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro.

In Bulletstorm VR, players once again assume the role of Grayson Hunt. This time, Hunt has crashed on a deserted vacation planet called Stygia, where he must both fight to survive and continue his quest for revenge. Bulletstorm VR’s setting offers a mix of urban skyscrapers and lush wilderness. The enemies in this environment are just as varied, ranging from brutal mercenaries to gigantic creatures with strong appetites. Luckily, Hunt has an arsenal to take on enemies big and small.

Virtual Reality will allow players to use Bulletstorm’s innovative Energy Leash mechanic in a whole new way. Players can use it fully with motion controls, effortlessly dragging and tugging enemies and environmental objects, and even controlling bullet trajectories in slow motion. Bulletstorm’s unique blend of creative weaponry and combat abilities makes it an ideal opportunity for virtual reality gameplay.

It’s not entirely clear exactly how Bulletstorm VR will benefit from the original game. For example, there’s no evidence that the offbeat brother humor of the original Bulletstorm will return. But it would be weird to make a Bulletstorm game without it. Perhaps the VR game will take Bulletstorm’s chaotic first-person gameplay and leave the humor behind in 2011.

Bulletstorm VR is coming to PS VR2 and Meta VR devices in 2023.

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