Call of Duty set to host Warzone Mobile Summit before the release of Warzone 2: Dates, place, and more

Call of Duty is ready to host an event called Warzone Mobile Summit in London, which will eventually reveal more information about the upcoming game. While both the Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile communities have been eagerly awaiting all that is to come, this new event may well showcase the current state of Warzone Mobile and shed some light on what to expect.

Since the beginning of the month, Call of Duty content creators around the world have been receiving a mysterious package from the franchise about the upcoming Warzone Mobile. While they are yet to disclose the information and the details are under wraps, the hype surrounding the event has certainly got fans excited.

Here is all the information gathered so far on the Warzone Summit.

The Warzone Mobile Summit shows the current status of the game

Just before the official global launch of Warzone 2, the Warzone Summit event will be held in London, UK for two days starting November 13th. Whether the event will be shown live has yet to be announced. However, the official Warzone Mobile Twitter handle has instructed the community to shut down their channels on various platforms.


“Operators around the world are receiving mission updates on the next phase of #WarzoneMobile. Stay tuned to our channels over the next few weeks as more is announced.”

Warzone Summit Event is tomorrow, are you ready to witness a brand new version of Warzone Mobile???

All the big names in the mobile gaming community have received the invite, along with some popular Call of Duty content creators. Whether they will be able to stream the event on their social media channels has yet to be confirmed. However, according to Noah’s tweet, they can record gameplay and show fans what to expect.

As long as this hurricane doesn’t stop me, I’ll be attending #WZMGlobalSummit Event this weekend in London. Super excited to get our hands on the game again and pick up more content! 🫡 @WarzoneMobile

The title has been in closed beta for a very long time, and during the Call of Duty Next event, the world saw the game’s first official gameplay. However, this version was an alpha build and the game has certainly received a lot more polish after that. It’s really exciting to see what Activision has in store for the next big launch in mobile and where it currently stands.

Warzone Mobile is also bringing back Warzone’s fan-favorite map Verdansk. Landing 120 players on the map and experiencing the same thrills on mobile platforms is a big step towards the future of mobile gaming. The game will also share cross-progression with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, bringing a common ecosystem between all platforms for the first time in franchise history.

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