Can Electric Cars Be Hot-Wired?

An electric vehicle differs from an internal combustion engine (ICE) car in many ways, not just the fuel source. EVs have fewer mechanical components and require less maintenance than gas-powered cars. Electric vehicles also tend to be more expensive to buy than the average internal combustion engine, although some cheaper all-electric options are on the way. Nevertheless, internal combustion engines and electric vehicles have some things in common. Both can have the same type of steering system, suspension settings and tires. Can electric cars be shorted out because they both have steering columns?

How would you short-circuit an ICE car?

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When breaking into your vehicle, a thief could try to short-circuit the car in order to steal it as quickly as possible. Fortunately, wikiHow says many modern vehicles have updated locking mechanisms to deter car theft. However, it is still possible to short a vehicle manufactured before the 2000 model year.