Can I clear Google Maps location history?

What happens when you delete location history?

Deleting location history from your timeline will also affect the accuracy of personalized recommendations and other features in the app. However, the places you have saved, shared or reviewed will not be deleted.

Why do I need Google Location History?

Personalization: Location History can help Google personalize your search results, ads, and recommendations based on your previous locations and interests.

Navigation: Google Location History can help you find your way around by providing location-based recommendations for nearby places to eat, shop, and explore.

Security: If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you can use Google location history to find the last known location.

Keep memories: Location history can be a great way to remember the places you’ve been, especially when traveling or exploring a new city.

Tracking: Some people use Google location history to track their movements or to keep an eye on their children or employees.

Can others see my Google location history?

By default, your Google location history is private and can only be accessed when you’re signed in to your Google account. However, location history may be visible to others if you have chosen to share it with them or if you have shared your Google Account sign-in information.

Is Google history permanently deleted?

You cannot recover the search history stored in your Google account if you delete it. You can delete a specific activity or your search history for a specific day, a custom date range, or the entire period.

How can I delete my Google Maps location history?

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Follow these steps:

Open Google Maps on your smartphone

Tap on your profile picture that appears in the top right corner

Now tap on “Your timeline” and then on the three dots

Select the “Settings & Privacy” option, scroll down and select “Clear All Location History”.

Can I delete specific locations from my Google Maps location history?

Yes, you can delete specific locations from your Google Maps location history by following these steps:

Open the Google Maps app on your phone

Tap on your profile picture and then on the “Your Timeline” option.

Now tap on the place you want to delete and then tap on the trash can icon.

Will disabling Google Maps location history affect my use of the Google Maps app?

Disabling Google Maps location history may affect the app’s ability to give you personalized recommendations based on your location. However, you can still use the app to search for places and get directions.