Can Kodi be installed on an iPhone or iPad running iOS?

kodi It is one of those popular applications when it comes to betting on universal streaming, and it works on practically any device and can play almost any format in existence.

But things change when we have an iOS device and we want to install Kodi, since this application is not available on the App Store, although it is not illegal.

However, if you rely on other applications and in a series of steps that we are going to explain you can install Kodi on iOS devices, although we have already warned you that the process is not at all intuitive.

Once you have received it, thanks to our steps you can use Kodi on your iPhone or iPad and get the most out of it.

Can Kodi be installed on an iPhone or iPad running iOS?

And you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to install Kodi because we can do it completely legally and without putting your device at risk.

Previous Steps Well, the first step we have to do is to download the Kodi DEB file from the official website of the application. We also need the iOS App Signer and Xcode apps from the Mac App Store. The next step is to convert the DEB file to an IPA file to make it work on an iOS device. General steps After that, it’s time to connect our iPhone or iPad to the Mac and launch the Xcode application. Now we have to go to Files, create a new project and select the iOS section. Select “Single View Application” and click “Next”. Now we need to open the DEB file and you need to select the appropriate file according to your Mac type, generally it is 64-bit. We need to fill in a number of fields, how to name the application, the organization identifier, and the rest is already complete, so we click Next. All we have to do is choose a Git location and click Create. Under “Signature and Abilities” you need to click on “All” and select “Personal Equipment”. Now we need to enter our Apple ID and log in. It’s time to run the App Signer application and where it says to enter a file you need to find and open the Kodi DEB file. Now the registration certificate must already be filled out with your Apple ID and you must select the identifier with your name in the pension profile. Create a new App ID but add Kodi as the Display App Name and click the Start button. Choose a filename and location to save, and if you got it right, the App Signer app will process the information and save the file. We return to the Xcode application and we must select Windows, then Devices and Simulators and you must click on your iOS device in the left panel and then select the + icon that is located in the right panel. We must select the file with the IPA extension on the desktop and click and wait a few seconds for it to be installed. Now you need to disconnect and unlock your iOS device from Mac and if you did it right you will see the Kodi icon. If you tap the icon, an Untrusted Developer warning will appear and you need to click Cancel. We must go to settings, general and enter “device management” and under the developer app we must select the account you are using and on the next screen click on trusted and select the account again. You need to be sure to strike reliably again.

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If you’ve done it right, you’ll be able to use Kodi.