Can you play GTA Vice City Stories 2023 on mobile?

Modified 12 Mar 2023 1:47 AM IST

Unfortunately, there is no official way for fans of GTA Vice City Stories to play the game on mobile devices. This title is not available in either iOS or Android stores. The only way to play this game is through third party funds. This makes it technically possible to play GTA Vice City Stories on mobile devices in 2023.

It’s just that the most popular method of playing this game on Android or iOS system involves emulation. If you’re looking for an actual official release, the answer is no. Those who want to emulate the game should be careful what they download, as some websites bundle malware with what they claim to be APKs and other files.

The main way to play GTA Vice City Stories on mobile is emulation (2023). Many gamers want to play this game but can’t (Image via Rockstar Games).

At the time of writing, Rockstar Games had not announced any porting of GTA Vice City Stories to mobile devices. The company has other Grand Theft Auto titles available, namely:

IIIVice CitySan AndreasLiberty City StoriesChinatown Wars

There’s also a Grand Theft Auto V manual, but that’s not a game. GTA Vice City Stories was released on:

This title hasn’t even received an official PC release yet.

Emulate GTA Vice City Stories on mobile

Emulation is often a morally gray subject that some gamers despise and others cherish. It is also the primary way for players to enjoy GTA Vice City Stories on Android and iOS. Either a PS2 or a PSP emulator would do here.

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PPSSPP emulates PSP games and is one of the most popular ways to play this title in 2023. Note that emulators do not come with games by default. Players would either have to manually convert their real-world games into usable .ISO files, or download one from the web.

Caution should be exercised if the latter option is chosen as it is technically not legal and can be bundled with malware if acquired from shady websites.

Some users got GTA Vice City Stories working on their mobile phones. The video above shows a player emulating it via PPSSPP along with some configurations to get the game running smoothly.

How optimally the emulator runs depends on the enabled settings and the performance of the player’s device. Also, the game can run smoothly from start to finish since a good .ISO file has everything.

No official port from Rockstar GamesThere is no news about an official port coming soon (Image via Rockstar Games)

No credible leaks indicate that Rockstar Games will release this game on any mobile device in the coming months. Many have speculated that the title would one day appear on these systems, but unfortunately it never happened.

Some gamers refuse to pirate or emulate games which means they have no option to play this game on Android or iOS. Those dying to play this title can purchase it digitally from Rockstar Games on the PSP or PS3. Alternatively, they can purchase a physical copy of the PS2 from a third party.

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