Canva AI writes text and creates images for you

Companies are trying to adapt to artificial intelligence by mimicking ChatGPT or DALL-E. Canva has decided to embrace both with its new AI capabilities.

The graphic design platform has launched an AI text generator to help users create titles, headings, and descriptions for projects.

In addition, all Canva users have access to the new text-to-image tool, which allows them to create unique visuals for presentations and other things.

How does Magic Write work?

Let’s start our discussion of Canva’s AI tools with Magic Write, the graphic design platform’s new text generator powered by OpenAI.

Try it out for yourself by creating a new design or opening an existing one in your Canva account. If you don’t already have one, create one.

Click on the “Add Magic” button, represented by a “+” symbol. Alternatively, you can type a slash “/” to open the Magic Menu.

Then select Magic Write from the list, describe the text you want to generate and press Enter on your keyboard.

Similar to ChatGPT, Canva’s AI text generator can create various written mediums such as short descriptions, poems and blogs.

Canva says it can help you “break your writer’s block.” For example, let’s say you want a funny greeting for your friend’s birthday card.

Type in “funny greeting for a birthday card” and the tool will generate a creative message for your friend’s special day.

Also, it can help you gather ideas for your project. For example, you can ask Magic Write to suggest topics for your blog.

Magic Write works on PC and mobile devices, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Even better, free users can make 25 queries to this Canva AI tool.

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Meanwhile, Pro, Teams, or NFP subscribers can generate up to 75 queries per month.

At the time of writing it is in open beta so the only available languages ​​are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian.

How does Canva Text to Image work?

😍 Text to Image is now available on Canva! Grab something from your imagination, enter a simple description and turn it into a professional photo or create a 3D image in seconds.

Experience the magic ✨ #CanvaCreate

β€” Canva (@canva) September 14, 2022

OpenAI has another AI tool called DALL-E that creates images from text descriptions. Nowadays, Canva has integrated this technology for users.

If you want unique images for your slideshow presentation or other projects, you can spend hours browsing free stock photos.

You could make them yourself, but that may require more time and skill. Luckily, Canva AI can give you results in seconds.

It gives you images based on short descriptions, such as: B. “a panda riding a bicycle through a city with depth of field”. Also, you can get better results by providing more details.

This Canva AI tool is available to all users, but they are only allowed to create 100 images per day. More importantly, the company released a reminder on AI copyright.

It states that it “claims no copyright on the images you create with text-to-image.” In addition, your ownership of AI-generated images is subject to the Canva Terms.

This means that Canva can use the image you create for marketing purposes. Additionally, you must ask brands for permission if you want to use their recognizable marks.

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Try Text-to-Image by clicking the Apps option on the left. Then click Text to Image option after Create Something New tab.

Enter a description of the image you want, then choose a style and aspect ratio. Then click the Create Image button. Add it to your design by clicking on your image.


Canva just got better with the power of artificial intelligence. With its AI tools, you can create text and images from a few keywords.

Other apps have adopted AI. For example, popular stock photo platform Shutterstock has a proprietary text-to-image feature.

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