Canva introduces a number of new features, including several AI-powered tools

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Canva introduces a number of new features, including a suite of AI-powered tools and a new Brand Hub. The company unveiled the new features and tools during its Canva Create virtual event today.

The company launches the Assistant, which allows users to search for design elements and provides quick access to features. The tool can also give you design recommendations on graphics and styles to match your existing design. Assistant provides quick access to AI-powered design tools like Magic Write, the platform’s AI-powered copywriter assistant, which launched in December.

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Starting today, Magic Write is available in all Canva project types, from presentations to social media graphics, flyers and more. Before this expansion, Magic Write was only available in Canva Docs. You can use Magic Write to write things like website copy or presentation summaries. For example, you can ask Magic Write to list social media strategy ideas for a new product launch. The tool takes into account the type of project you are working on when suggesting a copy. In addition to the expanded availability, Canva announced that Magic Write is now available in 18 languages.

Canva has also introduced a new way to automatically generate presentations. You can ask the editor to create a series of presentations with an outline and content on each slide. As for design, the company’s new “Magic Design” tool allows users to upload an image and then select a style for a curated selection of personalized templates that you can customize. On the other hand, a new “Magic Edit” feature lets you add or replace anything in an image. You can determine where you want to add something and then describe it in Magic Edit. A new “Magic Eraser” feature allows you to clean up unwanted details in images by swiping over the area.

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Canva also introduces “Beat Sync” that automatically matches video footage to a soundtrack of your choice, along with a new “Translate” feature that automatically translates text in designs into over 100 different languages.

In addition to the new AI-powered tools, Canva is introducing a number of new features that users have reportedly been requesting. First, the company is launching “Draw,” which allows you to sketch a simple shape like a circle and then turn it into a polished circle. A new “Layouts” feature allows users to add content to a page and get recommendations for layout ideas for a theme, while “Styles” gives users the ability to browse suggested color palettes and fonts. A new “Layers” tool can be used to display all elements in one place, including text, shapes, images, and videos.

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Canva now supports alt text, which means you can add additional context to your images and assets to describe them for people with vision impairments or accessibility needs. Another recent welcome update is the addition of 953 new fonts, including Arial, Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.

The company is also launching Brand Hub, a suite of new tools and features designed to help teams stay on brand. The hub includes a new “Magic Replace” tool that allows users to quickly update branded assets such as logos in their designs on the platform. Additionally, the hub includes tools to help you create branding templates, folders, and guidelines. Admins can also approve workflows directly in Canva to ensure designs are reviewed and approved before going public.

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“A decade ago, we launched Canva, driven by a vision of empowering anyone to design anything, regardless of skill or experience,” said Melanie Perkins, Canva’s co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “Today we’re excited to advance that vision by introducing a whole new set of features focused on empowering brands to scale their creative outcomes. As technology continues to advance, we’re reinventing the design process, making it even easier to put what’s in your mind on one page and get it out into the world faster than ever before.”

Launched in 2013, Canva now touts more than 120 million monthly users, an increase of more than 35 million since the launch of Canvas Visual Worksuite in September 2022. The company says more than 15 billion designs have been created using its platform.