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Women are not offered cheaper car insurance than men, but they often benefit from lower premiums based on their choice and driving style.

Up until 2012, women paid less, on average, for car insurance than men. This was because women are statistically safer drivers, file fewer claims than men, and file claims of lesser value when making claims.

In 2012, the European Court of Justice banned insurance companies from calculating premiums based on gender – not just for car insurance but for other forms of coverage, including life insurance.

However, some insurers still market themselves as a good option for female drivers and offer extras aimed specifically at female drivers.

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What was the European Court of Justice case about?

In 2012, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled that using differences between men and women as a risk factor when setting premiums for motor insurance (as well as life and health insurance) breached EU equality rules.

The UK was part of the EU at the time, so the new rules were implemented in the UK. This meant that while women are statistically safer to drive than men, these statistics can no longer be factored into the calculation of car insurance premiums.

The EU decision meant that women generally faced higher car insurance costs, while men benefited from lower car insurance costs.

With life insurance it was the other way around, because women no longer benefited from the fact that statistically they tend to live longer than men.

Is car insurance cheaper for women?

All else being equal, women’s car insurance is no cheaper than men’s. Insurers cannot make blanket assumptions about what they will charge a person in relation to their gender – pricing is based solely on the person’s circumstances.

However, the statistics show that female drivers were less likely to have been in an accident, file a large claim for damages or receive points for speeding than male drivers.

Fewer claims mean that women are more likely than men to have built up a high No Claims Discount (NCD).

Women are also less likely to drive large, high-performance cars than men, opting instead for smaller, lower-value cars. This affects the value of the claims made.

So if a woman submits her details to an auto insurance application, there’s a good chance she’ll qualify for lower premiums because her details are more attractive to the insurance company than a man’s.

Insurers are also allowed to charge more for people who work in certain professions. For example, women in occupations that are predominantly practiced by women, such as B. Nursing, have access to cheaper car insurance.

Which providers offer car insurance for women?

Although they cannot charge women lower premiums than men because of their gender, some insurers still market themselves to female drivers. These companies include:

  • go girl
  • diamond
  • Sheila’s wheels

These insurers typically offer policy extras such as:

  • handbag cover
  • child seat cover
  • puncture protection
  • Protected no-claims discount
  • Free car coverage

How can I reduce the cost of women’s car insurance?

There are a number of things women can do to reduce car insurance costs.

Drive safely

Auto insurance premiums are affected by past insurance claims and points you earn for speeding or other driving offenses. Regardless of your gender, the better you drive, the cheaper your rewards will be.

Increase your voluntary deductible

All car insurance policies have a mandatory excess. You must pay this amount yourself in the event of damage. Adding a voluntary deductible to the mandatory deductible can lower your premium, but remember that the deductible will be deducted from any payment you receive, so make sure you can afford it.

Pay annually

Auto insurers give customers the choice to pay for their insurance every year or monthly in advance. Although monthly payments can be convenient, the insurer effectively loans you the entire premium and charges interest on that amount, meaning you pay more for coverage overall.

Reduce your mileage

Insurers take your predicted annual mileage into account when calculating premiums. The fewer miles you drive, the less likely you are to have an accident and the cheaper your premium will be.

Improve the safety of your car

If your car has an alarm or immobilizer, it can lower your car insurance premium because it makes your vehicle harder to steal. Some insurers may also offer a discount if you have a dashcam.

shopping spree

When you buy auto insurance, you save money. Don’t just accept your existing insurer’s offer of renewal – instead, use a comparison site to see if you can get a cheaper policy.

The best time to do this is about three weeks before your renewal date. If you put it off until the day before, you’ll pay more for your coverage because the insurer assumes you’re more likely to accept the offer.

How do I stay safe as a driver?

  • Lock your car doors and keep your windows closed while driving
  • Double check the back seat when you get in your car
  • Buy breakdown cover – some car insurance providers offer this as an add-on
  • Keep valuables out of sight and don’t leave your purse in the front seat
  • Be careful when stopping if someone unexpectedly gives you a sign
  • Check tires, oil and coolant regularly
  • Have your car serviced annually and do not drive without a valid MOT
  • Bring a flashlight, warm clothing, a blanket, jumper cables, water and food in case of breakdown
  • Park in well-lit areas and back into gaps so you can pull out quickly if necessary
  • Always have your phone with you and keep it charged
  • If you think another car is chasing you, drive to a police station or, if that’s not possible, go to a place that you know has family or friends who can help you if necessary .

Compare car insurance quotes

Choose affordable coverage that suits you and your car from a range of policy options.