Car Insurance Without a License: Cheapest Options Here

It is possible for a person to own a vehicle and not have a driver’s license, leading them to wonder how and if they can get auto insurance. Regardless of whether you have a driver’s license or not, auto insurance is required for a vehicle. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about one in eight people did not have auto insurance in 2019, although it is available even to those without a driver’s license.

Read on to learn more about finding car insurance that doesn’t require a license:

Do I need a US driver’s license to get auto insurance?

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The requirements for a US driver’s license to get auto insurance coverage vary based on each state’s rules and regulations. You may be charged a higher premium if you do not have a US driver’s license and the insurance company cannot see your driving log records outside of the country.

Can you get car insurance without a license?

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It is possible to get car insurance without having a driver’s license, as long as someone other than yourself is driving the vehicle. Some insurance companies may differ in their requirements for getting unlicensed car insurance, including listing at least one licensed driver on the policy.

How do you get car insurance without a driver’s license?

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Some insurance companies allow a person who owns a vehicle to take out an insurance policy without a driver’s license. However, some companies may require that you list a licensed driver as an authorized user in the policy. Since most insurance companies require you to provide proof that you have a driver’s license before issuing the policy, you may need to shop around and call different insurance companies to find one that will work with you.

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Step-by-step guide to getting car insurance without a driver’s license

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It’s possible to get auto insurance without having a driver’s license, but you may have to go through additional steps and pay a higher premium. The steps to getting insurance without a driver’s license include the following:

  1. Find an auto insurance company that offers the policy you need.
  2. Speak to the insurance agent to discuss your options and why you don’t have a driver’s license.
  3. Choose the type of insurance and coverage you need.
  4. Pay your premium, including semi-annual or monthly payments.

Take out car insurance without a driver’s license?

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If you own a vehicle that is to be driven, it must be insured, even if someone else is driving the car. Even if you don’t have a driver’s license, all states require auto insurance to register the vehicle and obtain valid license plates.

Can You Get Collision Damage Waiver Without a License?

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It is possible to take out full car insurance; However, this policy may not protect you from everything. For example, the insurance policy will not cover a claim from someone driving the vehicle without a license. In addition, you must have a designated licensed driver on your policy in order to purchase comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

Can you buy a car with a suspended license?

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It’s possible to get car insurance while you have a suspended license, but premiums can be higher, requiring you to prove someone else is driving the vehicle besides you.

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Is car insurance without a license more expensive?

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It is possible to have higher insurance premiums if you buy car insurance without a license. Suppose you don’t have a driver’s license because of unsafe driving, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, multiple car accidents, or other traffic violations. Then insurance companies can charge more for their policies because you would be considered a high-risk customer.

Why do you need insurance without a driver’s license?

You can also insure your vehicle without a driver’s license. Some reasons for purchasing car insurance can be the following:

  • You must register your vehicle
  • Currently in possession of a learner’s license
  • When a child is driving the vehicle
  • Collect cars but don’t drive them
  • If your license is revoked, suspended or terminated

Best car insurance companies that don’t require a license

There are several auto insurance companies and no two companies are the same. Some of the leading insurance companies offering coverage for the unlicensed include The Hartford Car Insurance Company, Geico Car Insurance Company, AAA Car Insurance Company, Freeway Car Insurance Company, Travelers Car Insurance Company, and State Farm Insurance Company.

The Hartford Auto Insurance Company

The Hartford Auto Insurance Company

Hartford Car Insurance Company provides those without a license access to quality and affordable insurance options. The average cost of insurance with The Hartford Car Insurance Company is just over $1,000 for six months, which works out to about $88 a month. Keep in mind that this is an average based on typical policyholders; If you don’t have a license, it can be more expensive.

Purchasing car insurance with Hartford Car Insurance Company offers several benefits, including a high level of customer service, many coverage options, and free services like roadside assistance. Some downsides of getting auto insurance through this company can be that they are more expensive and have fewer opportunities to save money.

Geico car insurance company

Geico car insurance company

Geico is often ranked as a top auto insurance company, providing coverage for people who may have trouble finding affordable insurance policies elsewhere, including those without a license. The average cost of insurance through Geico is about $1,200 for six months, and the company offers monthly payment options.

Geico Car Insurance Company offers many benefits to those without a license to get the coverage needed for their vehicle. First, Geico has some of the lowest average interest rates compared to other companies and offers the lowest interest rates for people with bad credit. However, some downsides of getting insurance from Geico include higher than average rates for drivers with DUI, which is a common reason some people don’t have a driver’s license but need insurance for their car.

AAA auto insurance company

AAA auto insurance company

Founded in 1902, the American Automobile Association provided a national organization for the promotion of safe and efficient transportation for drivers and pedestrians. Over the years, AAA has expanded the benefits it offers its members, including auto insurance. The national average rate for insurance through AAA Car Insurance Company is approximately $2,400 for six months, with monthly payment options available.

AAA Car Insurance Company offers many benefits to motorists, including premium discounts and options to tailor your insurance policy to meet your insurance needs. The most significant disadvantage of AAA insurance is the higher rates; You must have AAA membership to purchase an insurance policy.

Freeway car insurance company

Freeway car insurance company

While Freeway Car Insurance Company isn’t among the best auto insurance companies overall, it’s a great option for people who don’t have a license. Most policies are not cheap; however, they are not very expensive either. The average nationwide premium rate at the Freeway Car Insurance Company is $1,600 for those with good insurance and $2,800 for those with poor credit.

Many people insured through the Freeway Car Insurance Company can access discounts rarely offered by competitors, including a locked garage, military background, permanent insurance, and homeowners. On the other hand, this insurance company does not offer the typical discounts or surcharges of other insurance companies.

Travelers auto insurance company

Travelers auto insurance company

Travelers Car Insurance Company offers below average insurance rates, including policies for people who may not find coverage elsewhere. This insurance company places a high priority on claims processing, but lacks a bit on the quality of customer service. The average national rate for insurance policies from this company is $1,400 for six months of coverage.

The most significant advantage of insurance through Travelers Car Insurance Company is access to one of the best insurance claim processing and handling companies. The company also offers premiums that are below the national average for auto insurance coverage. Poor customer service is the biggest challenge for policyholders.

State Agricultural Insurance Company

State Agricultural Insurance Company

Ranked among many “Best Insurance Company” lists, State Farm Insurance Company is one of the leading companies offering auto insurance to the unlicensed. The national average cost of an insurance policy through State Farm Insurance is $1,300 for a six month policy, with monthly payment options available.

Overall, the most significant benefit for non-licensed people who need auto insurance is that State Farm Insurance offers great customer service, easy renewal options, and below-average insurance rates for most car owners. The most significant downside is that State Farm Insurance often charges a higher rate for people with bad credit. On average, people with bad credit can expect to pay $3,700 or more for one year of State Farm coverage.

Remember that the average prices above do not represent your price. To find out what your insurance policy will be, call the insurance company for a quote. Then go to different insurance companies to see which company can offer you the best no license coverage.

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