Carl Pei teases the launch of Nothing Phone (2) and shows how it stacks up with Apple

What you need to know: Nothing CEO, Carl Pei, states that the Phone(2) battery will be 4,700 mAh, up from the 4,500 mAh of its predecessor. Pei also announced that the Phone (2) will be launched worldwide in July. Nothing sees the US-dominated Apple market as a good opportunity to offer younger people a “fun and exciting” alternative.

Nothing has gained traction through its unique take on the Android operating system and its brand of transparent devices. Forbes sat down with Nothing CEO Carl Pei to discuss some details about Nothing Phone (2) and how the company plans to challenge Apple once it launches in the US

He confirmed that the phone (2) will be powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform, which we only recently learned. Pei states that the efficiency of the chip will increase the overall performance of the Phone (2) by an additional 80% compared to the previous launch. Regarding the question of why not to use the recently launched powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, Pei explained that this is because the SD 8+ Gen 1 is a “proven processor”.

Add to that the fact that it has been “thoroughly tested and continuously optimized through numerous updates”: nothing is more comfortable with something tried and tested.

Pei also announced during the interview that the Phone(2) will come with a larger battery compared to its predecessor, namely a 4,700mAh battery instead of the Phone(1)’s 4,500mAh battery.

Then Carl Pei revealed the truth and gave us a more accurate timeline for the release of the Phone (2). After hearing that it would be launching sometime in the summer, Pei explained that the Phone (2) would be launching globally in July.

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(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich/Android Central)

A US launch means Nothing will enter, in Pei’s words, “a market heavily dominated by Apple.” However, Nothing also has to compete with the best Android phones from Samsung, Motorola and even OnePlus.

The Nothing Phone (1) enjoyed great popularity after its initial overseas launch, prompting users to express interest in a US launch. Pei explained that Nothing’s goal is to “create great products that feel special, different and fun.” The company reportedly sold around 750,000 phones(1), reportedly about half the amount sold by the first iPhone.

In addition, Pei is interested in offering a “really exciting alternative at the moment, especially for the younger generation” in a market dominated by Apple’s iPhone. Nothing’s CEO credits the phone’s transparent look as one that inspired others to do the same. Take the recently launched Apple Beats Studio Buds Plus, for example, which feature a translucent design similar to many of Nothing’s earbuds.

Given that the US doesn’t offer many exciting alternatives in a largely Apple-owned market, Pei thinks this represents a unique opportunity for the Phone(2) to succeed, and maybe he’s on the right track .