CarX Street now live on iOS devices, Steam release coming in December

CarX Street now live on iOS devices, Steam release in December

CarX Street, an open-world street racing title from the folks at CarX Technologies, is officially available to own and play…if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, that means.

From November 17th, the long-awaited title will be available as a free-to-own application in the iOS App Store. Early access for the title was initially expected last year, but was completely postponed to autumn 2022 at the earliest due to unsatisfactory quality in the early production of the game.

The release of CarX Street for PC players on Steam is still scheduled, but that date is only December 15, which was previously announced in an update on the game’s Steam page. The open world street racing platform comes from the same team behind CarX Drift Racing Online and CarX Drift Racing 2.

Game features include a career mode where players can join clubs, upgrade vehicles, choose a house and assemble an army of cars to ultimately become the best in town. The career features a dynamic day-night cycle and gas stations help players fill up with the right gas to win.

By upgrading these vehicles, CarX Street offers both Improved Car Tuning, which focuses on a detailed car building system with engines, bodies, transmissions, suspensions, and tires, and Visual Car Tuning, to add things like mirrors, headlights, bumpers, skirts, and more .

It is not yet known what differences the Steam version could contain. However, at the moment, circling the title in the palm of your hand is not such a bad alternative. Plus, it’s free on the App Store!

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