Cast Member Unions are sending out a survey to gauge the impact of low wages at Walt Disney World

As the Service Trades Council Union continues to grapple with Walt Disney World over the company’s refusal to walk away from its slow and gradual pay rises, the union federation has sent out a survey to cast members to gauge the impact of the current low pay for her life.

The poll is for performers who are hourly and tippless. It starts by asking for some personal information like name, number, union and ID.

Then the performers are asked if they have had any problems paying rent/mortgage, food, utilities, transportation or childcare in the past year.

A series of adverse scenarios are then set up to determine the impact, e.g. B. Ask if the performers were displaced, slept in their car or someone else’s house, worried about their homelessness, stayed in an abusive situation, missed meals or medication, or had physical/mental health issues due to it from money stress and other problems.

Other questions include whether they have received assistance from a charity or the state in the past year, whether their rent has increased, and where their health insurance comes from.

Finally, the survey asks how much emergency savings they have, how much they think they should make, and finally, if the company offered a $2000 bonus instead of a raise, how much it would affect them.

Last month, 96% of 14,263 votes cast by cast members voted to reject Disney’s “best and last offer” of $16 an hour now and increases by $1 an hour over the next five years to $20 an hour. Cast members represented by local unions say they need an immediate increase from $15 to $18 an hour, with further plans to increase wages to at least $20 an hour. This brought the union and Disney back to the negotiating table, although not for very long, as Disney refused to add “a penny” to their previous proposal and actually reduced retroactive wages in their new offer, leading to the unions get away from the table.

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This refusal to move comes just after Universal Orlando Resort announced an increase in its base salary to $17 an hour, with additional pay increases slated for current team members. Disney’s current base rate is $15 an hour.

Last month, Local Union 362, one of the unions that is part of STCU and is negotiating with Disney, released a statement on Twitter saying, “The six unions will soon be announcing public actions to bring the cast’s plight to light.” those struggling to survive the devastating rise in the cost of living”.

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