Cat Sneaking Up On Sleeping Puppies Makes Internet Laugh: ‘Stealth Mode’

Online commentators were amused by a “stealthy” cat who was caught on camera “sneaking up” on his puppy sibling in a video that has gone viral on social media.

The clip, shared earlier this month on TikTok by the pet’s owner under the username Lils.m03, shows the pup sleeping peacefully on the sofa while the cat “sneaks” up to him from behind the sofa and almost kisses him with the Paws lashes out before backing away.

The hilarious post includes a caption that reads, “I caught my cat sneaking up on a sleeping puppy,” followed by “stealth mode.”

Cats are more uncomfortable around dogs than vice versa psychology todayand they also exhibit more “aggressive or antagonizing behavior” toward their canine peers than dogs.

But most cats and dogs can live happily together as long as they are given enough time to get to know each other comfortably. Pet care blog Nylabone says that by growing up together, a puppy and kitten eventually learn to “tolerate” each other, and some can become true friends, “even playing and napping together.”

A stock image shows a cat and a dog on a sofa. A TikTok video of a cat sneaking up on its sibling pup has gone viral on social media.
Getty Images

However, when a dog is already a member of the family and a new cat joins the family, some precautions must be taken. For their first meeting, Nylabone suggests, “When you first imagine a cat and a dog, make sure the cat is at the dog’s eye level. You should also have a firm grip on both animals, which will give them a sense of security. If any of the animals appear either aggressive or frightened, remove the cat immediately and try again later.”

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The point is not to force the situation because that will only make things worse. Also, never leave the pets alone together until you are sure they won’t hurt each other.

The video quickly attracted animal lovers from across the platform and has garnered over 2.8 million views and 643 likes so far. One user, Pup_Onyx, commented, “You can live…for now…”

Ryan said, “The way your cat flinches.” And Nomster00 joked, “I could if I wanted to…” Kat wrote, “Look at you…sleeping so peacefully with death staring you in the eyes…I’ll be back.” …”

Another user, TheBelleofTwitch, said: “Can’t kill it now. Too many witnesses.” And Ivan Torres added, “Cat: ‘I’ve never been here.’

KC Sweet commented, “Every breath you take. Every move you make User tinaweese406 added, “The slow backward crawl, I’m dead.”

news week was unable to verify the details of the case and contacted Lils.m03 for comment.

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