Cats are rising to internet fame as cameras attached to their collars show them clashing with rivals

Cats, Gonzo and Mr. Kitters are gaining followers on social media after owners attached cameras to their collars to capture footage of their daily adventures Cats and PurrsMr. Kitters has 1 million Instagram followers and 1.5 million on TikTok, allowing viewers to watch him meowing birds or chasing squirrels

A couple of cute kittens get a shot at becoming internet stars after their owners put collar cameras around their necks and captured the secret lives of cats.

Gonzo, who lives in Los Angeles, is a cat who has 180,000 followers on Instagram and 607,000 on TikTok, with his owner already posting more than 600 videos.

Everyone seems to be capturing life through a lens as Gonzo wanders the backyards of his home.

We see him interacting with potential mates and purring to himself when he finds interesting objects like leaves or bits of plastic.

Its owners, Gonzo’s owners, Derek and Maria Boonstra, first attached a spy camera to a breakaway collar so they could monitor what their pet was doing as they went outside and immersed themselves in the local fauna.

Gonzo is seen here Mr. Kitters is pictured with his camera. Gonzo chases another cat near his house while being hissed at. The two seem to have a history together, with the other cat giving a wide berth

But it came back with fascinating footage that has since been shared on social media for all to enjoy. His Instagram account describes the footage as “life through the lens of a big, lovely loaf of bread.”

In a recent video, Gonzo meets his crush, another cat, whom he spies at the end of the driveway. The pair walk past each other with the cameras capturing a feline look from his feline fantasy.

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In another clip, a cat fight erupts, with one gonzo hissing back loudly, wanting control of his backyard.

The rise of wearable camera technology has resulted in a very particular style of feline content, as keen viewers watch as their feline stars jump and dart around.

Another cat named Mr Kitters has even more fans online than Gonzo with 1 million users on Instagram and 1.5 million followers on TikTok, all following the friendly feline.

Like Gonzo, Mr. Kitters has a high-definition spy camera around his collar, allowing him to capture first-hand footage while meowing at birds or chasing squirrels.

Mr. Kitters decided that he wanted to try climbing this tree. Mr. Kitters is seen walking through his backyard with his son Beans walking on his back. The cat cams see interactions with other cute kitties up close and personal

Viewers of the caustic footage regularly note the thrill they feel as their feline stars jump or pop up.

“A lot of comments are like, ‘I wish I was a cat,'” Scott Irwin, Mr. Kitters’ owner, told the New York Times.

While the lengthy footage can be boring, as most cats spend most of their day napping or sitting, there are 15-second moments of gold that the social media accounts seem to capture so well.

Some Mr. Kitters fans even ask for certain interactions, like seeing him climb a tree.

“I can’t make him do it,” Irwin said. “All I do is post the videos he makes and directs.”

In this shot, Gonzo is hissed at for getting too close to another cat while on the prowl. Gonzo has been spying on a pal at his Los Angeles home, while Mr. Kitters makes the rounds at the back of his house to visit his cute friends – some of whom are stuck inside

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