Chanel Classic Flap price hike makes the internet outraged

Modified 03 March 2023 12:55 PM IST

French luxury brand Chanel has again upped the price of its classic flap bags, shocking fans. There used to be a surge in luxury items in 2022, and now, seven months later, prices have risen again.

Needless to say, netizens who are big fans of luxury goods have taken to social media to share their opinion and frustration with the surge. While some wonder if the brand “lost it,” others say the bags aren’t worth the price they’re being sold for.

Not Chanel is raising the prices AGAIN by 10,000 for a plain classic flapper. did they lose it

The bag price increase comes a week after the French luxury brand discontinued its spring/summer 2023 collection. However, the news could be discouraging for fans of these designer bags and the French luxury brand.

The price increase was officially announced on Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 and is available to view on Chanel’s official website. Recently there was 17% in the price of classic small bags from Chanel. Meanwhile, the price of the classic medium-sized rollover bag has increased by 16%.

Netizens claim that Chanel’s classic flap bags are not worth their price after the price increase

Several social media users pointed out that the price increase for the classic flap bags was unfair.

Meanwhile, others were wondering if the French luxury brand was trying to make their classic flap bag their take on the Birkin. In layman’s terms, Birkin bags from Hermés are luxury items made from quality materials and are considered a symbol of wealth.

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Some others even claimed that the bags are not worth the price they are sold for after the hike.

@briahdelgad0 you lose it. Really! & they will possibly rise again later this year.

A Chanel classic hatch is now $10,200 and a small classic hatch is now $9,600.

Chanel said the classic flap is our Birkin and if you don’t like it, go.

So Chanel had another price increase and the classic flap starts at 10,000 now lmaoooo the bags aren’t handmade they don’t use the best leather anymore…the hardware isn’t real gold…the bags are literally not worth the money atp

Chanel really doesn’t want you to buy all of their products. No one makes that many price increases

Bc why chanel keeps increasing the price My chanel lady texted and said you want to buy a bag today the price will go up tomorrow.

Me: How much?

Her: $1000 more

Chanel’s price hike is an absolute joke. In 2020, a medium-sized rollover bag cost $6,500. As of today, it’s $10,200. This is absurd, especially given the recent criticism that the quality has actually dropped.

The Chanel price hike is really crazy How much did the classic Chanel flap bag cost back in the day?

The price increased on March 2nd, 2023 and before that the classic small rollover bag was priced at $8200 in the US. However, the price has increased by $1400, making the price of this bag $9600.

Small flap bag price (snippet image from

On the other hand, the classic medium rollover bag was priced at $8,800 in the US and is now $10,200 after a $1,400 increase. Also, a classic jumbo bag used to cost $9500 and is now worth $11,000.

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This is not the first time that the prices of luxury French brand bags have increased. In 2022 there was a 9% increase and now, seven months later, prices are up 16-17%.

In addition, there have been some reports claiming that the price of the bag has not increased in Europe and is comparatively cheaper than in the US.

The luxury brand was in the news recently when it announced that Whitney Peak is the new face of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.