ChatGPT App Now Available in India: How to Download Guide, Features and Full Details

From Abhik Sengupta:

The ChatGPT app for iPhones is now available in India, the company announced in a tweet. The app was first launched in the US, followed by 11 other countries this month. Developer OpenAI states that the iOS app is currently rolling out in over 30 countries. The company previously announced plans to launch the ChatGPT Android app later.

An app version of ChatGPT app could be very useful for users as they can access information on the go. ChatGPT remains available over the web on PC, Android, and iOS platforms, although an app usually offers smoother performance and user interface.

India Today Tech also briefly reviewed the app and found the interface simple. It goes without saying that it can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store. However, the app kept crashing during our short test. Similar to the web version, the app allows users to view the history of their chats. Users can also disable the “Chat History and Training” option if they do not want OpenAI to access it to train the GPT language model.

Otherwise it offers the same functionalities as the web version. Users can ask questions and ChatGPT provides answers and solutions in the conversation. The AI ​​(artificial intelligence) chatbot can also solve math problems and review computer code. OpenAI also offers users a ChatGPT Plus subscription so they can benefit from an improved ChatGPT. With the subscription, users get faster results, plugin support, and no waiting time. The company is also testing features that allow users to upload an image, and ChatGPT understands elements in the image. It might be useful for users to understand certain passages or to make extensive lists.

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Interestingly, the ChatGPT app offers an option to upgrade to GPT Plus, but prices are in Indian rupees (1,999 rupees). In the web version, the price is only displayed in US dollars ($20).

ChatGPT was released for public use as a web version late last year and has become one of the most successful technology launches. The chatbot went on to become the fastest growing platform in the world, racking up 100 million users in the first two months of its release, which apps like Instagram and TikTok couldn’t match. Its inventor OpenAI also created the text-to-image generator Bot Dall-E.

ChatGPT’s iOS app could become a huge hit among users as the platform is already popular with many users. The chatbot understands languages ​​including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The ChatGPT can also reply in Hindi, although the knowledge may not be as good as in English.

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