ChatGPT becomes the best free app in the App Store in India

ChatGPT becomes the best free app in the App Store in India

May 26, 2023 8:08 pm 3 minutes read

The app is compatible with iPhones and iPod touch running on iOS 16.1 or higher

You can now access the ChatGPT app on your iPhone and iPod touch in India. OpenAI announced that the ChatGPT app is now available for iOS in more than 30 countries including Canada, Japan and Brazil. In India it has become the top app in the App Store. Here’s how to download and use the ChatGPT iOS app.

Why is this story important?

While ChatGPT wasn’t popular enough yet, the new iOS app is sure to increase usage as it makes it even easier for users to access. In India, just hours after its launch, the ChatGPT app climbed to the top spot in the App Store’s best free apps list, beating out Instagram.

Which countries now have access to the app?

ChatGPT iOS app is now available in multiple countries including India, Iraq, Algeria, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Canada, Chile, Lithuania, Mauritania, Lebanon, Mauritius and Costa Rica. It is also accessible in Ecuador, Ghana, Israel, Estonia, Japan, Peru, Slovenia, Tunisia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Mexico, Kuwait, Namibia, Nauru, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, among others .

The app syncs chat history across your devices

A major highlight of the ChatGPT iOS app is that it is free to use and does not display ads. The app has Whisper integration, which means the chatbot can handle voice input. It syncs chat history across the web and your devices, so you can access your search history on any device you use.

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You can get “instant answers” to your questions. However, note that the ChatGPT iOS app does not have access to real-time data. The app can even give “professional input”, e.g. B. when composing an email to request leave. It can help you in writing essays and summarizing articles. In addition, you can also learn new languages ​​and find creative inspiration.

How to download the ChatGPT iOS app

Search the App Store for “ChatGPT (The official app of OpenAI).” Note that several fake apps have similar names. It’s 16.1 MB, free to download, and compatible with iPhones and iPod touch running iOS 16.1 or later. If you want to use ChatGPT Plus, you need to pay Rs. 1,999 per month.

After downloading the ChatGPT app on your iPhone, you need to create an account using your Apple or Google ID. If you have an existing account for the web, you can use that to sign in. You then need to verify your phone number via OTP and follow some in-app instructions to access the app.