ChatGPT interviews British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Here’s what happened

From Divyanshi Sharma: The last few months have been all about ChatGPT – the viral AI chatbot that’s taking the world by storm. People have used it to compose music, write poetry, write essays, generate content ideas, and so on. And now the chatbot has conducted its biggest interview to date. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates answered some of ChatGPT’s questions, and the conversation is worth remembering. Bill Gates and Rishi Sunak answered a series of questions, from chatting about the advice they would give their younger selves to revealing the job they wanted AI to do for them.

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ChatGPT interviews Rishi Sunak, Bill Gates

Bill Gates shared the video of the interview on LinkedIn and wrote, “Rishi Sunak and I were interviewed by an AI chatbot and had a great conversation about the future. Spoiler alert: It’s light.”

The video begins with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak saying that he and Bill Gates are at Imperial College in London, where they met some of the UK’s top clean tech innovators. Bill Gates then joins the conversation and says that today they will be interviewed by an AI.

About technology affecting the global economy

The first question concerns the impact of technology on the global economy and jobs over the next decade. Bill Gates, responding, says we need to be more efficient as there are labor shortages in healthcare and education. “Hopefully technologies like AI can help us become more efficient,” he says.

On the advice of her younger self

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Another question ChatGPT asked is what advice they would give their younger versions early in their careers if they could travel back in time.

In response, both Bill Gates and Rishi Sunak agree that they would take things easy and live more in the moment.

“I was kind of too intense and didn’t believe in weekends, I didn’t believe in vacations,” said Bill Gates, adding that he has a very “narrow view” of work style. The Microsoft co-founder adds that while this worked for the original Microsoft team, things had to change as he brought more teams on board.

Rishi Sunak said that he had a similar answer and that he comes from an immigrant family and has always tried to advance through work. “Over time, I realized that you have to live in the moment.

On AI doing its job

The next question relates to the one thing about their jobs that they wish AI could do for them. Bill Gates says he sometimes uses AI when writing notes to make them “smart”. He also says he used AI to write songs, poems, etc.

When asked, Rishi Sunak says it would be great if AI could do Prime Minister’s Question Time for him every week.