Chihuahua’s over-the-top bath routine delights the internet: ‘In Heaven’

A high maintenance Chihuahua’s intense bath routine has received over 6 million views online.

In the video, shared on TikTok by user @milothegingerchi, Milo breaks down his rigorous beauty regimen, which includes blow-bubbles, multiple massages and a blow-dry session.

The hilarious clip begins with Milo lounging on his owner’s bed and complaining about the prospect of a bath.

The video’s caption narrates Milo’s thoughts and reads, “This is me, eyeing my mom sideways because she told me I stink and I need a bath. But then I remembered that she let me sleep with her in her bed, so I stuck with that.”

A stock photo of a Chihuahua being dried by a towel. Though he claimed to hate baths, Milo appeared to be enjoying the experience.iStock/Getty Images Plus/Elizaveta Zavialova

In the next scene, an angry Milo is lifted into the sink by his owner. The sink is full of bubbles, but he still seems unfazed.

“As you can see, I don’t like baths,” Milo says as he seems to relax as his owner pours warm water from a mug over him.

Once Milo is done tasting the bath water, his owner shampoos and massages him. The puppy spills water over its mother and soaks her.

After being conditioned to receive his “soft and fluffy coat,” Milo is lifted out of the sink and wrapped in a towel where he receives another massage and is showered with affection by his owner.

“My mother gives me kisses because I’m the best boy,” he explains.

In response to Milo being let go, he runs through the house at full speed, followed by a tantrum over his toys to remind his owner who’s boss.

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Hates a bath but loves blow drying 🛁🫶🏻 #bathtime #dog #chihuahua #zoomies

♬ Original sound – Milo

Once the Chihuahua has settled down, its owner will dry its fur with a hair dryer while enjoying some snacks.

Milo looks very content and falls asleep while his mother gives him one last brush.

“I was in heaven,” he says. “This is life.”

TikTokers agreed, with the post garnering over 1.5 million likes.

Why do dogs hate bath time?

While not every dog ​​fears washing, there are several reasons why some dogs dislike bathing.

According to Zack Keithy, owner and editor-in-chief of Daily Dog Drama, anything from the smell of shampoo to the sound of running water can trigger a dog’s anxiety.

“The experience can be quite scary for some,” he told Newsweek.

“[You can] improve the experience for you and your dog, but it’s best to do it gradually.”

A stock photo of a Chihuahua being lifted into a sink. Milo’s bath routine has been viewed over 6 million times on TikTok.iStock/Getty Images Plus/Jan Rozehnal

He recommends creating a positive association with the space – e.g. B. Filling the tub with a small amount of water and letting your pup explore—or gradually introducing him to the sound of running water by turning on the faucet slowly and using positive reinforcement (e.g. praise and treats).

“This is a masterpiece”

TikTok users couldn’t get enough of the diva dog, and Miss Capricorn asked, “Does he feel Bonita?” (Spanish for “pretty”).

“Cheeky,” said @360pixie. “Brother [is] living life,” commented Hello Kitty.

“HE LOOKS SO SOFT OMG,” Seren wrote. “Dogs and zooming after a bath is always wet and epic,” said Vicky1592. “I always love it.”

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Viewers also adored the voiceover, with Sanela Estrella requesting a “Netflix full-length series of this.”

“It’s a masterpiece,” agreed Ms. Ackerman.

“I feel like we’re actually experiencing what’s on his mind,” Liv joked.

While Billi Dene commented, “This is exactly how I imagine his voice would be if he could actually speak.”

Newsweek reached out to @milothegingerchi for comment about TikTok.

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