Chowna Mein urges people to use the social media platform wisely

NAMSAI Wishing people a Happy New Year, Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Prime Minister Chowna Mein urged people to make good use of social media platforms, noting that information technology is a boon for transparency and the faster dissemination of information .

He was addressing a development meeting today at the Shapawng Yawng Manau compound in Namgo village, including all the inner Singpho villages of the area under the Chongkham Assembly constituency, namely Emphum, Inchu, Insa, Tingwa, Lungka, Embong and Munglang to take stock of development activities .

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Highlighting the key achievements of 2022, he said the Chongkham Assembly constituency’s long-felt need for an independent ADC headquarters in Chongkham and Wakro sub-division has been met by the state government along with other infrastructure developments in the region.

He said that 2022 was a great year for Arunachal Pradesh as we have our own airport in the state capital and also launch civilian airports in Pasighat, Tezu and Ziro. He thanked the Modi government for making air travel possible for even the common man by introducing affordable flights under the UDAN program.

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He further shared that many big projects like Frontier Highway worth Rs 44000 Cr for Arunachal Pradesh have been approved by Government of India and expressed hope that many more big projects will come to Arunachal this year.

He claimed that farming is a labor-intensive activity and called on the Department of Agriculture to introduce mechanization of farming practices to make them self-sufficient and sustainable.

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He further explained that the third language was introduced to preserve and encourage local dialogue/languages ​​and asked the Deputy Commissioner to set up a mechanism to monitor the teaching of the third language in schools by the teachers appointed for this purpose on a monthly basis to be developed to ensure that the third language is actually taught in the classroom.

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In response to the memorandum submitted by the Gram Panchayat Chairmen of the 16th Emphum, 17th Munglang and 18th Insa Gram Panchayat Segments, he pledged to consider their complaints as a matter of priority. However, he said that the development of the Shapawng Yawng Manau site in Namgo Village with the perimeter wall and the playground will be tackled as a matter of priority.

Responding to villagers’ request to resolve the Namsai-Changlang-Lohit district boundary, he said it should be resolved amicably by conducting a joint survey of district governments and villagers.

ZPM Chongkham, chairmen of Gram Panchayat, Gaon Burahs and youth leaders also spoke about the development needs of the villages and commended the Deputy Prime Minister and his predecessor for bringing road links, water supply and electricity to the inland villages.

Among others, DC Namsai, CR Khampa, ZPC Namsai, Urmila Mancheykhun, BJP President, Sujana Namchoom, ZPM Chongkham, Chau Jenia Namchoom, HoDs and Panchayat/Public Leaders also attended the meeting.